Donella Meadows

ESG Investing Outlook for 2019

Incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance factors

An article on ESG & Systems Thinking by Katherine Collins, Head of Sustainable Investing, Putnam Investments 

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Blog: Ecocentricity - June Part 2

Systems. Systems thinking, to be precise. I love it. Prepare for my inner nerd to be unleashed.
Actually, I wear my nerd on my sleeve at all times, but that is beside the point.
The point is systems. And the point was made best by Donella Meadows in her book "Thinking in Systems: A Primer." I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's like the pistachio ice cream of books - oddly appealing, complex but not too much so, delicious in a waffle cone. You get it. But don't lick the pages unless paper cuts are your thing.
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