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Partnering for Disaster Preparedness in Chile

IBM and Johnson & Johnson Team up in Santiago to Strengthen Community Resilience

The term “natural disaster” is a misnomer. Natural ecosystems often require disturbances such as fires and floods to remain healthy. They have an inherent resilience to the occasional battering. Crises created by destructive natural events might be more aptly referred to as “social disasters,” because of the toll of life and economic damage left in their wake. Framing such events as social disasters places them in a different light, shifting the burden on all sectors of society to proactively manage the threat.

A Flyover of Recent Drone Developments in EHS


Antea Group strives to stay on top of new findings and deliver industry trends and updates back to you. In this blog, it is drone technology, especially regarding EHS.

Read the short history, unique capabilities, advantages, and FAA regulations surrounding the use of drones in the EHS workplace.

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