Hydrogen As a New Source of Energy for E-mobility

by Nancy Schurig

Getting from A to B without endlessly choking the planet on a deadly cocktail of toxic pollution is more feasible these days as electric mobility continues to gather pace.

E-mobility, the environmentally friendly method of travel which steers away from existing fossil fuels, uses energy from electrical power sources through charging instead of emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

Enabling a More Sustainable Future Through e-Mobility Ecosystem Requires an Automotive Engineering Paradigm Shift

Michele Robinson-Pontbriand, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

These are exciting times in the automotive engineering community and environmental sustainability space! Countries around the world are fueling the momentum for a cleaner future through incentives for consumers to adopt hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). These and other high-level global initiatives expected to release over the next two decades are driving the e-mobility revolution faster than expected, and raising hopes of related positive environmental impact sooner.

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