First Electric Highway in U.S. Unveiled Near Ports of L.A. and Long Beach

Southern California Edison is helping to energize the project to support a cleaner energy future.

Electric trolleys first appeared in Los Angeles in 1887 and ran until 1961. This marked the beginning of Los Angeles’ long history of electric transportation. It continued in 1990 with the opening of Metro’s light rail blue line, which uses overhead electric wires to power the trains.

Fast forward to 2017.  

eHighway: The First Public Road Use

by Julia Hesse & Norbert Aschenbrenner

Trucks equipped with electric pantographs are traveling a public road for the first time. Siemens has installed an overhead line for electric and hybrid trucks in Sweden. Two diesel hybrids from automotive maker Scania are being powered by electricity here, thus running exhaust-gas free. Siemens installed the two-kilometer eHighway north of Stockholm. The technology is expected to prove itself in practice there by 2018.

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