4 Solutions for Your Global EHS Needs

Custom Support for Whatever Your Organization Is Facing

There are 4 different ways in which Antea Group can help you meet your global EHS needs: understanding the local EHS culture, planning global expansion, answering a specific EHS query, or arranging for an EHS expert to visit your facility located in any continent. Find details in our latest EHS blog.

The Virtual Reality of EHS


Oculus, HoloLens, Cardboard –- science fiction seems to be slowly merging with real life when it comes to virtual reality. EHS is starting to embrace VR by using immersive videos and graphics to improve safety, discover flaws, and conduct training. Antea Group’s blog offers you an insight into the different features of this technology, possible benefits, and problems you should be aware of before jumping in.

7 Steps for Conducting Ergonomic Assessments in Lower-Risk Facilities


It is easy to lose sight of the importance of ergonomics in a low-risk workplace such as an office, data center, or warehouse .If, as an EHS manager, you want to get back on track with your ergonomic program, consider an ergonomic assessment.  

How Antea Group Has Built a Strong Health & Safety Culture


“At Antea Group we believe that all work related injuries and illnesses can be prevented,” says Gary Wisniewski, CEO. Over 3 decades, Antea Group has developed a strong health and safety program where employees are empowered to play an active role in creating a healthy and safe workplace.

Antea Group describes 7 ways through which health and safety can be deeply embedded into a company culture.

About Antea Group

Should Tech Companies Strive for 100% Global EHS Compliance?


Tech sector companies with facilities all over the world find it difficult to achieve 100% global EHS compliance. With tight budgets and geographical limitations, their EHS leaders often wonder if they should still reach for 100% compliance or simply prioritize their efforts. Read Antea Group’s advice here.

Top Pop Culture EHS Moments

Nerd Out With Us about Our Favorite Health and Safety Fails On TV and in the Movies

Our new blog has clips of Antea Group EHS experts’ favorite “EHS moments” in pop culture over the years.  From a hilarious I Love Lucy show factory assembly line to a not so funny falling injury in There Will Be Blood - enjoy our little collection here.

Download Antea Group's New E-book: "A Guide for New Plant Safety Managers"


Due to downsizing, "right-sizing," and budget cuts, it's becoming increasingly common for people with little or no training in safety to find themselves in charge of safety for their facility. In response, Dr. Barbara Boroughf created a blog series designed to help guide you on your path to becoming the ultimate plant safety manager, and now we have compiled everything into one downloadable e-book.

EHS Leaders at Tech Companies Reveal their Toughest Global Compliance Challenges


Tech company EHS teams today face complex compliance challenges that require customized solutions. This April, EHS and sustainability leaders from an array of tech companies came together for Antea Group’s sixth EHSxTech event. While there, attendees discussed their most difficult global EHS compliance challenges and shared best practices for tackling those challenges.

Four Steps to Uncovering Enterprise-Level Gaps in EHS Compliance and Culture

EHS FleX to the Rescue!

Many environment, health and safety (EHS) managers are expected to be regulatory compliance experts, as well as help streamline operations and build a strong safety culture at their companies. They often lack the time, personnel, budget and local insight to effectively ensure compliance at every facility.

Using “Big Data” to Rate Corporate Social Responsibility: One Company’s Approach


The following is part 1 of a 3-part series on “Big Data.”

“Big Data” is a useful tool for rating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability performance.  We believe that the Big Data system that CSRHub has developed is one answer to dealing with the rise in new ratings systems (it seems there is a new one announced each month) and with the disparities in scores that occur among these different systems.


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