Profile of a Leader: Kristen Duda, Intelex Technologies

How investing in relationships helps build a rewarding career

As the Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Intelex, Kristen Duda knows the importance of building relationships.

4 Important Reasons Ergonomics Should be a Priority in Lower-Risk Workplaces


Ergonomics can be easily overlooked as a top safety opportunity in lower-risk environments such as offices, warehouses and data centers. However, ergonomics can be one of the most beneficial EHS opportunities to tackle from a safety, workplace culture and business perspective. Read Antea Group's four reasons, along with compelling statistics, that illustrate why workplace ergonomics should shift toward the top of your EHS priority checklist.

Using Mindfulness to Create a Safe and Healthy Workplace


This article originally appeared on NAEM's Green Tie blog

By Kate Kerr

If you’d walked into a corporation ten years ago to discuss the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for organizational effectiveness, leadership and bottom line results, security might have discreetly ushered you out of the building. 

3 Important Industry Trends that EHS Teams at Tech Companies Need to Know


The technology industry has gone through immense growth in the past decades, but growth never comes without challenges—particularly when it comes to environment, health and safety (EHS). Antea Group's blog discusses some major trends shaping the tech industry, how EHS teams can show their strategic value, as well as tips and insights on how EHS teams can play a role in taking advantage of them.

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Smart Stakeholder Engagement: 6 Tips for EHS & Sustainability Managers


As EHS and sustainability become more intertwined with a company’s overall business strategy, success takes more than resources and good management - it also requires smart stakeholder engagement. From C-suite executives to employees to customers, the different stakeholder groups affected by your EHS and sustainability initiatives in turn have the power to influence the success of your initiatives.

6 Quotes from Tech Leaders to Inspire Your EHS Initiatives


In the technology industry, innovation moves at a furious pace. This shortened cycle, with an ever-changing regulatory environment, presents hidden EHS challenges—especially as companies expand operations internationally. If you are an EHS manager, these 6 quotes from iconic tech leaders and some EHS tips will inspire you in your work.

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NAEM Announces Collaboration with the Center for Retail Compliance

NAEM's 2017 EHS & Sustainability Management Forum to Feature Emphasis on Retail Industry Challenges
Press Release

April 24, 2017 /3BL Media/- Today the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) announced they are partnering with the Center for Retail Compliance (CRC) to encourage knowledge-sharing on best practices in environmental compliance.   The organizations are working together to ensure a robust conversation about retail-focused challenges during NAEM’s 2017 EHS and Sustainability Management Forum on October 25-27 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Tech Leaders to Come Together To Discuss Global EHS Challenges and Opportunities


EHSxTech, April 25, 2017 - a workshop where the brightest EHS minds in tech meet for a day of collaboration, best practice sharing and insight gathering on the complex challenges of managing EHS across global operations. EHSxTech, presented by Antea Group and hosted by Salesforce, will feature special presentations from Microsoft, Autodesk, and Salesforce. 

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OSRPs in Washington State: Three Lessons Learned to Help Inform Other State Implementations


Antea Group recently developed oil spill response plans for several railroads in Washington State looking to maintain compliance with Chapter 173-186 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). In the process, we learned several lessons that other rail lines can apply as they plan for the implementation of similar regulations in other states. Read the top three lessons on our website.


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