Inogen Member Spotlight--Alex Ferguson


Antea Group is a part of the Inogen Environmental Alliance—a global network of EHS&S consultancies that work together to provide environmental health and safety solutions on every continent in the world. Our Inogen Member Spotlight series highlights the experience and knowledge from our fellow Inogen Associates from all around the world.

Name and Role: I am Alex Ferguson, Managing Director of Delta-Simons Environmental Consultants, a founding member of Inogen Environmental Alliance. I also sit on the Inogen board.

Never Too Late for Due Diligence: An EHS Checklist for Integrations, Location Changes, and Expansions


Assessing the EHS risks and implications of an owned or leased building is critical in assuring a safe work environment for all employees, contractors, visitors, and the public.

Goldcorp Recognized in 2018 Enablon Excellence Awards


We are committed to creating sustainable value in all areas of our business, and for our stakeholders, who want assurance that we are managing as well as mitigating the risks associated with our operations.

Practitioner Spotlight--Debbie Ferguson


In this practitioner spotlight, Antea Group highlight's their event/field marketing expert, Debbie Ferguson.

Debbie tells us how she explains her job to people at parties, what she wanted to be when she was a child (hint: a rockstar), and even which historical figure she would like to work with. 

Debbie has several years of experience managing events in the U.S. and around the globe. She helps put together EHSxTech every year, as well as organizes Antea Group's booths and event staff for events they attend.

7 Tactics to Create a People First Workplace

Actionable Strategies that Promote EHS and Sustainability

How and why should you create a people first workplace? Increasing EHS program development and deployment by fostering a safe work environment (and minimizing impacts on the environment) helps to facilitate the growth and sustainability of your business.

Read our blog to find out the seven tactics you can use to jump-start your EHS and HR practices.

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Taking the Long View: 30 Years in EHS and Sustainability

On the occasion of the retirement of Tod Christenson

As he prepares to retire and enjoy fishing and family time, Antea Group Vice President and Food & Beverage Segment Leader Tod Christenson talks with us about the changes he’s seen and lessons he’s learned over his 30+ years as an EHS and sustainability pro.

Learn more about Tod and his wealth of experience in his own words.

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Doing a Lot With a Little: How Digital LDAR Support Makes an O&G EHS Manager’s Job Easier


Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) in the oil and gas industry has an efficiency gap between the recording and organizing of field data. The traditional method of transferring notes for all those leaks is way too slow, painstaking, error-prone, imperfect.

Antea Group’s LDAR Dashboard app is intuitive, does your work in one step and comes with customizable input and output forms. Get more info at our blog.

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EHS Director’s Cut: 5 Cringe-Worthy Workplace Safety Moments From "The Office"


EHS professionals everywhere shed a few tears during the nine-season run of “The Office”, mostly from laughter, but perhaps also because of the blatant disregard shown for the health and safety of the Dunder Mifflin employees and workspaces.

Antea Group recaps 5 of those hilarious moments, and passes along the serious lessons EHS pros can learn from them.

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No More Pen and Paper: Leak Detection and Repair for the Digital Age


How often have you used your phone today? You checked email, watched the news, shared a photo with friends, all while going about your day-to-day life. Mobile technology bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds, making many tasks flow together.

Panalpina Publishes Second Integrated Management Report


The Panalpina Integrated Management Report 2017 gives an overview of the company’s strategy and business model, the performance of its regions and products, and its approach to sustainability management. For the second year, the report integrates the discussion of Panalpina’s business performance and sustainability.


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