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Marketing EHS: How to Create Compelling Employee Messaging


Employees—from company leaders to field techs—wield the power to make or break any EHS initiative you put forward. Thus, getting them interested and engaged is crucial.

Positioning EHS as a benefit, adding context around EHS practices—read about these steps you can take, and more, so that you can successfully market your EHS programs and make them desirable to your team.

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How Industry-Specific Experience Drives Stronger EHS Results


Every global company faces a unique set of opportunities and challenges when deploying and managing environment, health, and safety (EHS) initiatives across operations.

How can industry-specific knowledge power up an EHS program? Ponder on the answers from Antea Group expert consultants in our new blog.

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The Complete Guide to Creating an EHS Policy

Everything You Need to Know to Build and Communicate Your Policy

Companies need to have a strong and effective EHS procedures and be ready to respond to questions that may come from internal and external parties. An EHS policy articulates a company’s commitment to EHS and lays out the guiding principles, expectations, and values around EHS.

Antea Group brings you the complete guide to craft the best EHS policy for your organization!

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EHS Insights: Most Common Low-Risk Regulatory Challenges in Europe

What we learned from auditing nearly 100 facilities

From 2015 to 2018, Antea Group audited almost 100 low-risk European facilities (offices, retail stores, and other non-manufacturing facilities) and came up with over 1,100 findings with an average of 12 findings per facility.  No low-risk workplaces, even managed office and co-working spaces, were without EHS gaps and issues.

Read our blog to find out the most common EHS gaps we encountered.

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The Value of EHS Consulting & Management Services


When it comes to creating and managing successful environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs, every business faces unique requirements, challenges and opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and many companies find they lack the resources or expertise to create programs that meet compliance and add business value.

8 Steps for Conducting an EHS Culture Assessment

And How EHS FleX Makes It Possible With Limited Resources

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) managers labor to develop, implement, audit and manage their EHS programs. Despite their best efforts, many still find their programs fail to drive best-in-class performance. The lack of a strong and supportive EHS culture is a common culprit.

Managing EHS Risk: Identifying and Addressing Common Myths


Environment, health and safety (EHS) managers and their teams take great pride in the work they do to mitigate and manage workplace and environmental hazards but even the best managers can find themselves faced with a problem that could have been prevented.

Discover and Prioritize EHS Risks with EHS FleX

Get the data you need to close EHS gaps
Multimedia with summary

If you are an EHS manager, you may struggle with how best to evaluate and address compliance liabilities at your organization. If your organization is spread out over the country or over the world, that task is even more daunting. Antea Group offers a low-cost, systematic approach to discovering and prioritizing enterprise risks and validating financial investments.

Leveraging Environment, Health and Safety Management to Drive Business Value

Exclusive E-Book from LNS Research

Are you struggling to drive tangible EHS performance and business value? Do you feel that disparate point solutions, disconnected business processes, and a lack of timely information are undermining your EHS programs? Do you want to integrate EHS across the entire value chain and drive improvements in operations, risk and compliance management?

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