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Sustainability From the Ground Up: What Responsible Mining Means to Us


At Eldorado Gold, sustainability is more than just a word. It’s at the core of all that we do.

“Responsible business practices are at the heart of our business,” explains George Burns, our President and CEO. “For us, responsible mining means delivering on our commitments to execute on safe, inclusive and innovative operations, engaged and prosperous communities, responsibly produced products and a healthy environment, now and for the future.”

World Environment Day

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Earlier this week, as a part of World Environment Day, our team at TUPRAG Metal Madencilik San. Tic. A.S. participated in a waste collection initiative. Together, they removed and recycled over 560 kilograms of waste from the areas surrounding our Kışladağ Gold Mine.

Our Sustainability Framework: Eldorado's Rock-Solid Foundation


From project inception to operation, closure and continued care, every mine is unique and involves an incredible amount of people from diverse backgrounds to operate responsibly.

But long before first shovels break new ground, our approach begins with an understanding of the framework in which everything we do will be built.  As with any endeavor, a solid foundation strengthens everything else.

Today Is World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. While advances across all industries have seen a remarkable decline in work-related injury and health issues, there is always more to learn, more innovation to take place, and more preventative measures to develop to ensure our places of work are safe and healthy for all. Check out our blog article from May 2019 which introduced our "Serious About Safety" series and how Eldorado has strived to put health & safety at the forefront of our culture.

Happy Earth Day - From Everyone at Eldorado Gold

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Happy Earth Day from everyone at Eldorado Gold. Learn more about our approach to responsible mining by visiting our website!


A New Beginning for Eldorado Gold in Greece


Here at Eldorado Gold, we are working to build a leading mining jurisdiction in northern Greece. To realize the full potential of our polymetallic Skouries, Olympias and Stratoni mines (collectively known as the Kassandra Mines), we recently signed an amended Investment Agreement with the Hellenic Republic.

Great Neighbours: Mining and Agriculture Working Side-by-Side


At first glance, it seems like an odd pairing. Granted, we don’t often hear about mining and farming being discussed simultaneously, let alone how they can work together. But this unique relationship is being fostered right now at Eldorado Gold’s Efemçukuru operation in Turkey.

Behold the Mighty Chickpea - Supporting Local Agriculture at Kışladağ


Small in stature, but packed with nutrients and flavour, the versatile chickpea – also known as the garbanzo bean – has long been a staple of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern diets for thousands of years. The earliest known use of chickpeas dates to 3500 B.C. in Turkey, and today they are grown in more than 50 countries, where they eventually turn into delicious curries and stews, spicy snacks, crunchy salad toppings or even ground into flour for other culinary purposes.

Création de 30 nouveaux emplois en 2021 à la mine Lamaque

Eldorado Gold Québec poursuit sa croissance dans le secteur de Val-d’Or. Au cours de l’année 2021, c’est 30 nouveaux emplois directs qui seront créés au sein de sa mine Lamaque.

«Nous amorçons l’année 2021 avec beaucoup d’aspirations, plus déterminés à faire les choses comme jamais auparavant au bénéfice des communautés avoisinantes. En plus d’accroître nos opérations, la création de ces 30 emplois permettra des retombées économiques importantes pour Val-d’Or et la région de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue », souligne Sylvain Lehoux, vice-président – directeur général chez Eldorado Gold Québec.

En effet, l’entreprise qui emploie actuellement 399 personnes passera donc à un effectif de près de 430 personnes d’ici la fin de l’année 2021.

Going Beyond the Magic of Three, Reaching Gender Parity on Our Board


You’ve probably heard about the “magic of three” women in the Boardroom before. If you missed it, it’s the tipping point number for amplifying female voices at traditionally male-dominated tables. Companies capitalize on improved decision-making at three, thanks to the diversity of thought from having both women and men guide an organization. Pam Gibson has been the trailblazer for that magic number at Eldorado Gold since her appointment to the Board in 2014.


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