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Women Using Venture Capital to Change the World

The New Leaders in Silicon Valley

by Nancy E. Pfund, founder and managing partner, DBL (Double Bottom Line) Partners and one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2016

Nestlé, JLL, Novelis Inc., and Levi Strauss & Co Join 223 Companies in Supporting EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Business Support from Wide-Ranging Industries in All Regions of the Country
Press Release

December 2, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Marking the end of the comment period on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, 223 companies today announced their support for EPA’s proposed carbon standard for electric power plants, including industry giants such as IKEA, Mars Inc., VF Corporation, and Nestlé. Their support was communicated in a letter sent to the EPA, the Obama Administration, and Senate and House majority and minority leaders. The letter was coordinated by the nonprofit sustainability advocacy organization, Ceres.

Hurricane Sandy Is Ushering in a Smarter Power System

Posted by Daniel Kammen of University of California, Berkeley
It’s ironic that a storm whose widespread blackouts left millions of Americans in the dark is finally helping us see the light.
Hurricane Sandy brought devastation and loss to the Eastern seaboard. The storm exposed the severe vulnerability of our electricity infrastructure and made global headlines as a harbinger of nature’s impacts in a climate changed world.

Ahead of Proposed U.S. Power Plant Rules, the Spin Scramble Begins

Obama is expected to propose new carbon standards Monday.
U.S. President Barack Obama's announcement of new limits on carbon emissions from the nation's existing power plants is a few days away, but the political messaging battle over what is likely to be Obama's most significant action on climate change already is heating up.

Clean Coal Test: Power Plants Prepare to Capture Carbon

Can coal be cleaned up? Power plants in Mississippi and Canada will soon find out.

In Juliette, Georgia, Southern Company operates a coal-fired power plant that is the single largest source of planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. In Kemper County, Mississippi, the same company is pioneering a technology that many experts believe will be crucial to preventing a climate disaster: It's building the world's first new power plant designed to capture and store most of its carbon.

Terra Watt Prize: New Competition Seeks Affordable Energy Solutions for the Poor

Posted by Chad Lipton

More than 1.3 billion people, or approximately one-fifth of the world’s population, live without access to an electrical grid. That is roughly five times the number of people living in the United States, a country that is so plugged-in that access to electricity is all but taken for granted.

Why Does the Power Go Out When It’s Cold?

Posted by Erich Gunther of IEEE

The extreme cold temperatures experienced by a large part of the United States this month have highlighted the vulnerability of power systems equipment in such extreme weather. This week’s snowstorm led to power outages in the Northeast, but cold weather alone can be enough to cause problems: The Tennessee Valley Authority, which serves 9 million people in the Southeast, urged customers Thursday to conserve energy to prevent a cold-weather outage. The average person might ask, why would my power go out when it’s just cold outside?

When Seeking the City Solution on Climate, Don’t Forget the Suburbs

Posted by Daniel Kammen of University of California, Berkeley

Our cities have the potential to be a key climate change solution. Already they are hot-beds of innovation in local and global approaches to the nexus of sustainability and quality of life.  People who live in cities drive less, use less energy to heat, cool, and light their homes, and even their water and sewer lines are shorter and require fewer resources. But all of those advantages – and the ability to save more land for nature and agriculture – will be cancelled out if our cities are ringed with suburbs that are profligate in their use of energy and resources.

New York State Pension Fund and Other Investors Urge Utilities to Ramp Up Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

As You Sow and Calvert Investments Join Call for Cleaner Power, Citing Climate and Water Risks at Ameren, FirstEnergy and Cleco
Press Release

BOSTON, February 27, 2012 /3BL Media/ – Major U.S. investors and pension funds have filed shareholder resolutions with five electric power utilities—Ameren, Cleco, DTE Energy, FirstEnergy, SCANA—urging them to increase deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to mitigate climate-related risks and manage water use amidst record heat and drought.

BSR Reports on Fuel Sustainability; Rezidor Hotel Group Plans to Reduce Energy Use; Germany to Cap Renewable Energy Subsidies - Energy Minute for October 17, 2012

Press Release

BSR has published a new report that analyzes the sustainability impacts of commercial transportation fuels. The report, the first in BSR’s “Future of Fuels” initiative, looks at six types of current and emerging fuels: gas and diesel, natural gas, biofuel, hydrogen, electric power, and the “fuel” represented by greater efficiency. The report also assesses the market outlook for the complete range of fuels.


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