Nominations Open for 2015 Elsevier Foundation Awards for Early-Career Women Scientists in the Developing World

Research excellence nominations for women mathematicians and physicists accepted through October 17, 2014
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Amsterdam, May 15, 2014 /3BL Media/ – The nomination period opened today for the Elsevier Foundation Awards for Early-Career Women Scientists, which annually recognize excellence in research achieved by scientists in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. This year’s five regional awards will be selected in the fields of physics and mathematics. Nominations will be accepted from May 15 through October 17, 2014.

Study Finds Outcome Data in Clinical Trials Reported Inadequately, Inconsistently

Report in PAIN® describes perils and pitfalls in constructing a global clinical trials database; investigators propose strategies to address the problem
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Philadelphia, May 15, 2014 /3BL Media/ – There is increasing public pressure to report the results of all clinical trials to eliminate publication bias and improve public access. However, investigators using the World Health Organization’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) to build a database of clinical trials involving chronic pain have encountered several challenges. They describe the perils and pitfalls of using the ICTRP and propose alternative strategies to improve clinical trials reporting.

New Research Sets the Stage for Noninvasive Monitoring of HIV-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Corneal nerve fiber assessment proposed for managing patients with HIV-induced peripheral neuropathy, according to The American Journal of Pathology
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Philadelphia, PA, May 12, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Corneal nerve fiber assessment has great potential as a tool to diagnose and monitor peripheral neuropathy induced by HIV, say scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The results of their study are published in The American Journal of Pathology.

Although corneal nerve assessments have shown increasingly valuable as a replacement for epidermal nerve fiber evaluation in diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the evaluation of corneal alterations in tracking HIV-induced neuropathy has yet to be explored.

Electronic Nose Sniffs Out Prostate Cancer Using Urine Samples

Novel noninvasive technique successfully discriminates between prostate cancer and benign disease in proof of principle study, paving the way for easy and early diagnosis, reports The Journal of Urology®
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New York, NY, May 7, 2014 /3BL Media/ – We may soon be able to make easy and early diagnoses of prostate cancer by smell. Investigators in Finland have established that a novel noninvasive technique can detect prostate cancer using an electronic nose. In a proof of principle study, the eNose successfully discriminated between prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by “sniffing” urine headspace (the space directly above the urine sample). Results using the eNose are comparable to testing prostate specific antigen (PSA), reports The Journal Of Urology®.

Investigators Find Something Fishy with the Classical Evidence for Dietary Fish Recommendations

New study in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology questions the validity of original Bang and Dyerberg Study; finds Eskimos have coronary artery disease at the same rate as other populations
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Philadelphia, PA, May 7, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Oily fish are currently recommended as part of a heart healthy diet. This guideline is partially based on the landmark 1970s study from Bang and Dyerberg that connected the low incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD) among the Eskimos of Greenland to their diet, rich in whale and seal blubber. Now, researchers have found that Eskimos actually suffered from CAD at the same rate as their Caucasian counterparts, meaning there is insufficient evidence to back Bang and Dyerberg’s claims.

Hypertension Related to New Cancer Therapies – A New Syndrome Emerges

Mechanisms of VEGF inhibitor-induced hypertension need to be better understood and guidelines developed to improve management, say researchers in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology
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Philadelphia, PA, May 6, 2014 /3BL Media/ – New cancer therapies, particularly agents that block vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signaling, have improved the outlook for patients with some cancers and are now used as a first line therapy for some tumors. However, almost 100% of patients who take VEGF inhibitors (VEGFIs) develop high blood pressure, and a subset develops severe hypertension.

Elsevier Celebrates National Nurses Week 2014 with Stories, Campaigns, Research and a Special Thank-You Video

Elsevier is proud to salute the often unsung work of nurses everywhere with multiple activities, including the annual ‘Superheroes of Nursing’ contest
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Philadelphia, PA, May 6, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, in honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), has organized several campaigns, opened access to top-cited nursing research and written about the status and future of the nursing profession.

Early Obesity Linked to Increased Probability of Severe Obesity Later in Life

Being obese at age 25 increases risk for serious weight problems over 35 years of age according to new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine
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Ann Arbor, MI, May 6, 2014 /3BL Media/– Exposure to long-term obesity has become more common with increases in obesity at younger ages. Researchers examined the relationship between BMI at age 25, obesity later in life, and biological indicators of health. They found that people who were obese by age 25 had a higher chance of more severe obesity later in life, but that current weight, rather than the duration of obesity, was a better indicator of cardiovascular and metabolic risk. Their findings are published in the June issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Perceived Barriers Limit WIC CVV Use in Arizona

According to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
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Philadelphia, PA, May 6, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Low-income and minority communities and people participating in food assistance programs are more likely to consume fewer fruits and vegetables, depriving them of the health benefits of those foods. However, the government provides assistance, such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), designed to improve the dietary quality of at-risk women and children and improve their ability to purchase nutrient-dense foods.

Sports and Energy Drink Consumption Linked with Negative Behaviors

According to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
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Philadelphia, PA, May 6, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Weekly consumption of sports drinks and energy drinks among adolescents is significantly associated with higher consumption of other sugar-sweetened beverages, cigarette smoking, and screen media use, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota and Duke University.


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