Electric Cabs


VMware India recently partnered with India's first all-electric cab service – Lithium Cabs to provide employees with green transportation in order to reduce carbon footprints while transporting employees in the city of Bangalore. The transition from diesel fleet cars to electric cars for daily employee pick and drop helps overcome challenges such as fuel cost, battery life, safety, battery charging infra and most importantly is an environment friendly cab service. By using eco-friendly cars, VMware India saves 440 tonnes on carbon dioxide in just one year and reduces pollution on the road.

Emissions Reduction from Virtualisation Products: An Interview with Mornay Van Der Walt and Nicola Acutt of VMware


An IDC report, sponsored by VMware, shows how virtualisation products, namely VMware’s products, reduce carbon emissions. The report also evaluated the CO2 emissions that were avoided because of server virtualisation as well as consolidation. The results showed that this reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions could be directly attributed to the use of virtualisation and VMware products around the world.

Infographic: Transportation Electrification

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SCE is transforming the energy sector with bold ideas to accelerate vehicle electrification. Our Charge Ready pilot program is installing EV charging stations in parking lots where passenger vehicles are parked for extended periods of time.

Forging the Missing Link: What the 2017 CDP Supply Chain Report Says About Supplier Engagement


By: Marshall Chase, Associate Director, BSR

Supply chains may be the most under-recognized opportunity for companies to address climate change. While companies tend to focus, understandably, on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions in business operations and products, supply chains often account for the majority of product greenhouse gas emissions.

Major Investors Applaud Move to Stay the Course on GHG Rules

Auto industry, consumers and economy benefit from GHG standards
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BOSTON, November 30, 2016 /3BL Media/ - In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement that it would stay the course on 2012 greenhouse gas  (GHG) standards for automobiles and light duty trucks, major investors released statements supporting the decision:

North American Honda Associates Develop Ways to Reduce Emissions

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November 21, 2016 /3BL Media/ - The reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is at the forefront of Honda’s environmental strategy, and figures prominently in the targets that are set for its products and operations.

GHG reduction and primarily CO2, is a major component of Honda’s environmental short- and long-term environmental goals.  As a result, associates throughout the company focus on those goals at every level.

Domtar’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Less than Half the Average Producer in Asia

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
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Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from purchased energy at our pulp and paper mills have been reduced by 15 percent since 2010, meeting our 2020 target ahead of schedule.  These reductions have primarily been realized by: fuel switching from coal to less carbon-intensive natural gas, increasing on-site cogeneration of electricity and reducing pulp and paper production in alignment with market demand.


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