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Dear Financial Services CEO: Where are the Women?


 by Kathleen McQuiggan, Senior VP, Global Women’s Strategies, Pax World and Managing Director, Pax Ellevate Management, LLC

For an industry that prides itself on mastering risk management, finding value and uncovering arbitrage opportunities, I think the financial services sector is falling flat. Why? Because most firms are overlooking one of the biggest investment opportunities ever: women.

How Volunteer Programs Improve Employee Retention


Written by Jon Hainstock

According to Dale Carnegie Training, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. Surprising?

It’s simple: when your employees aren’t engaged, they aren’t productive. They may even begin to explore outside opportunities if they sense that their current role with your company isn’t — and isn’t about to become — fulfilling.

Corporate Philanthropy: a Top Employee Perk


As a company looking to attract top talent, you’ve undoubtedly turned towards putting together an attractive benefits package. Skilled millennials and generation Z workers are looking for – and even coming to expect – perks like health and wellness initiatives, financial programs, and sometimes unique bonuses like laundry or childcare on site.

Recruitment and Retention: It’s About More Than Your Bottom-Line


“I don’t like my job.” That's how many employees may feel according to a Gallup survey that states less than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014. Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

What the Rise of Skills-Based Volunteering Means for Nonprofits

by Danielle Holly

Over the past ten years, the private sector has vastly increased their investment in communities.  In 2015, 75% of companies were engaged in corporate citizenship activities [1].

Do Good, For Goodness’ Sake… and Watch Your Company Thrive in the Afterglow!


General wisdom - and the occasional ‘feel good’ stories covered by local news channels about corporations that went above and beyond to serve their local communities - tell us that a company garners a lot of goodwill when it champions local causes, fair business practices and responsible environmental stewardship… and now, a

Skip Million-Dollar Consultants. Instead, Just Encourage Employee Volunteering.


We often make things more complicated than they need to be. Many a times, solutions to seemingly intractable problems are closer at hand than we realize. So it is with driving employee engagement and turning around corporate fortunes.

Workplace Strategies for Keeping Employees Engaged and Present

by Daniel Rosen

It may be harder than ever to keep an employee at a job for the entirety of their career. Recent research has shown that the average worker stays at his or her job for just 4.6 years. What’s more, that worker is likely to have had 10 jobs before reaching the age of 40. This type of volatility poses a real challenge to companies trying to retain top talent and keep their employees happy, engaged and productive.

Employee Recognition’s Incredible Influence on Workplace Satisfaction


A strengthening U.S. economy and an improving job market suggest that the tide is shifting in favor of employees… giving them greater leverage to demand higher wages and a friendlier workplace or options so they can more easily switch jobs.

Industry Insights: Employee Giving + Volunteering = Happy Employees + Higher Profits


Corporations across America are steadily and surely morphing their workplaces to better accommodate changing employee demographics and attitudes. As millennials and younger baby boomers make up a larger chunk of the workforce, employers find the ground shifting below their feet.


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