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Mission Driven: What Volunteerism Means at Medtronic

Hear from our employee volunteers.

Beyond improving the lives of patients through medical technology, Medtronic is committed to making the world a healthier place and strengthening communities around the world. We have given more than $1 billion throughout the years to support philanthropic efforts, including support of the Medtronic Foundation.

A Decade of Impact in Africa


This is a true story about 1,500 African food companies in nine African countries, and 1,500 volunteers from six food companies that worked together to improve food security across Africa.

The story goes like this.

A decade ago, General Mills’ CEO at the time – Ken Powell – was challenged by the Secretary-General of the United Nations (Kofi Annan) to find a way to help improve the quality, safety and availability of food in Africa.

Lucky for us, Powell and his team had the passion, desire, knowledge, and the team to make it happen.

3 Warning Signs Your Employees Are Headed for the Door


The U.S. unemployment rate reached its lowest point in 49 years this September. Meanwhile, the percentage of “engaged” U.S. workers — i.e., those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace — is at an all-time high, according to Gallup.

For companies without a robust employee engagement strategy in place, this presents a new reality — it’s becoming more difficult to attract and retain top talent.

MilliporeSigma Announces First Stops in National Curiosity Cube™ Tour

Mobile science lab to visit nine locations through June 2017
Press Release

BILLERICA, Mass., April 5, 2017 /3BL Media/ — MilliporeSigma today announced nine stops for the first half of its national, year-long Curiosity Cube™ tour. Built on the company’s successful Curiosity Labs™ program, the Curiosity Cube™—a 22x10-foot, retrofitted shipping container that has been transformed into a mobile science lab—is sparking scientific curiosity through interactive, hands-on science experiments.

MilliporeSigma Kicks Off Year-Long ‘Curiosity Cube™’ Tour

Mobile Science Education Lab will reach 350,000 students across America
Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, January 12, 2017 /3BL Media/ – Recognizing that tomorrow’s discoveries depend on the next generation of scientists—and that breakthroughs begin with curiosity—MilliporeSigma has kicked off a year-long “Curiosity Cube™” tour.

Finding Connection Through Volunteerism at NetSuite

NetSuite employee Bret Crosby shares how volunteerism at NetSuite helped him forge connections

When Bret Crosby joined NetSuite as a Solutions Consultant last August, he did so as a remote employee based in Phoenix.

While many people envy the perceived freedom and flexibility that working from home offers, Crosby said it can also be isolating. When you work remotely, you naturally miss out on the opportunity get to know your coworkers and feel a sense of camaraderie.

Timberland Employees Give Back in Communities Across the U.S.

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At Timberland, employees are driven by the company’s longstanding commitment to social and environmental justice, creating a culture where community service has become a way of life. Timberland offers employees the flexibility to volunteer for causes they are passionate about, and has found that when employees have this freedom, enthusiasm and overall employee satisfaction are highest. Around the world employees eagerly take part in service projects throughout the year, including Timberland’s pillar service events, Earth Day in the spring and most recently, Serv-a-palooza in the fall. 

NetSuite Employees Gear Up to Give Back During 2nd Annual Week of Service

From Oct 17-21, thousands of NetSuite employees from around the world will show their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities

From Oct 17-21, thousands of NetSuite employees from around the world will show their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities during Global Impact Week, NetSuite’s annual week of service.  

Global Impact Week gives employees a chance to celebrate ways to give back locally through volunteer service and in-office donation drives.

Recognizing NetSuite's Super SuiteImpact Volunteers

How these superstar #NetSuite employees are giving back to their local communities

NetSuite’s Employee Volunteer Programs were designed to provide opportunities for our employees to give back locally and globally. To that end, our employees receive 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer in hands-on community service projects each year. 

SuiteImpact Volunteer Profile: Getting to Know the Wild Side of Roman Bukary

How One NetSuite Employee Uses His Company Volunteer-Time-Off to Give Back

Our SuiteImpact Volunteer Profile series highlights the unique ways that NetSuite employees choose to use their 16 hours of Volunteer Time-Off.


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