ArcelorMittal for a Sustainable Future with Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric helps ArcelorMittal modernize its electrical installation in a sustainable way while improving safety, energy efficiency, and productivity.

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Schneider Electric's Innovation Summit World Tour 2021

Discover the future of energy management and automation for your business. Learn more starting on October 12.

Join us on the path to sustainability

Get your business ready for the future by improving resilience and leveraging digitization, today.

The big event kicks off on October 12 with a fully digital global keynote with Schneider Electric Chairman & CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire and guests, plus the World Premiere showcasing our latest innovations. Then join us as we bring it home with one of our regional online events.

Any City Can Be a Net Zero City - This Is How to Start

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Efficiency and electrification are the two key levers that will decarbonize our cities’ transport and built environments, and accelerate the transition of net zero cities.

Schneider Electric: IoT EcoStruxure at Enel Ensures Sustainability

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Energy distribution is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges of this century – around the world, we face increased demand, limited production and global pressure for reducing carbon emissions. Switching to renewable energies is one of the obvious solutions, but how? Learn how Enel, the largest electricity distributor in Italy, in partnership with Schneider Electric, adapted its grid for efficiency and to fully benefit from green energies and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Three Things All Business Leaders Should Know About Climate Action

by Aamir Paul, U.S. Country President, Schneider Electric.

Climate change is first and foremost an energy challenge. Two statistics will show you what I mean.

For the Sake of the Planet and Your Business, Just Do It: Why Companies Need to Take Climate Action

by Christel Heydemann

For the longest time, companies have measured corporate performance in terms of how much revenue they generated, how many factories they operated, and how profitable they were. Other considerations, such as sustainability, the efficient use of resources, carbon emissions, and the impact on the environment were secondary in many senior executives’ and policy makers’ minds – if they featured at all.

Digital Solutions And Biodiversity: A Positive Feedback Loop

by Mike Hughes

Over the past 18 months, many city dwellers have started waking up to the sound of birds singing outside their windows and rays of morning sunlight stemming from clearer skies. Increased biodiversity emerged as one of the few silver linings of the global pandemic: reducing activity in once bustling urban centres has yielded this quiet reminder of nature. We must build on this newly re-established connection and help prevent the ongoing biodiversity loss caused by human activities in cities and industrial sites. The answer can be found in digital solutions, but also in our relationship with

Schneider Electric: Now A Certified Great Place To Work in Southeast Asia

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It’s official! We are a certified Great Place To Work across 6 countries in Southeast Asia with +11,000 employees! This is a proud demonstration of our continuous effort in building a great company, by providing them meaningful work with an inclusive and empowered culture.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam!

Want to learn more what gets us certified? Check out this blog: http://spr.ly/6044ytc8M

Sustainable Home Improvement Is Life Improvement


by Jai Thampi

Our homes are our cradles, now more than ever. With the global pandemic continuing to affect and restrict us, our homes will continue to shape our livelihoods and impact our wellbeing. But as the world changes rapidly around us, with new technologies and energy-hungry devices entering our dwellings, some questions keep us up at night: Is my home safe? Is it comfortable to live in? Why is my energy bill going up? Is my home sustainable?

Schneider Electric Joins Forces With The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group To Fuel A Bright Sustainable Future For The Emirate


Schneider Electric has become the latest member of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG)


Schneider Electric has become the latest member of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG)


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