Experian Social Innovation Has Powered Opportunities for Over 20 Million People


June 21, 2019 — Experian has launched its Corporate Responsibility Report 2019, highlighting how its social innovation programme has enabled more than 20 million people to access credit and other essential services. It also shows how Experian’s core products and services are adding value to society through the introduction of alternative data and by bringing together capabilities and expertise.

Experian Unlocks the Power of Data to Help Create a Better Tomorrow


Using its extensive data and analytical expertise, Experian is helping people get the essentials they need to make their lives better – whether that is paying for healthcare and education, buying or renting a home, building their business or getting a loan.

Highlights in 2016/17 include:

Experian Demonstrates How It is Creating Shared Value in its 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report


As the world’s largest credit bureaux operator, Experian is helping millions of people make the most of their data to get fair and affordable access to essential, everyday services.

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