Farmworker Awareness Week: Do You Know Who Picks Your Produce?


It’s National Farmworker Awareness Week, a time to remember that 85 percent of the fruits and vegetables we eat here in the U.S. are hand-picked. That’s right — the healthy veggies for our healthy lifestyles, sweet fruits for snack-time and even the flowers that brighten our tables. Farmworkers across the globe are out in the fields from dawn to dusk, working hard to feed the world. But at what cost?

Business Of Agriculture: Spring Crop Insurance Deadline Is March 16


By Matt Ritenour

Matt Ritenour is a crop insurance specialist for MidAtlantic Farm Credit and has been helping farmers manage the risks of dealing with Mother Nature and market fluctuations since 2005.

The spring sales season for crop insurance is just around the corner, with important decisions needing to be made and new programs from the 2014 Farm Bill to be carefully considered. Here are just a few of the new changes for the 2015 crop year:

Business Of Agriculture: 5 Steps in Effective Succession Planning

5 Steps In Effective Succession Planning

By Rick Hermonot and Jon Jaffe

Rick Hermonot and Jon Jaffe are consultants with Farm Credit East, working out of the Dayville office. Rick has been with Farm Credit for 27 years, and Jon has been with the organization for 31 years.

As agricultural producers start to think about planning for the eventual transition of their operation to the next generation, there are five essential steps that will facilitate a smooth transition and help ensure the financial stability of all involved.

Unilever Taps Supply Chain for Smallholder Farmers


Leadership companies are looking at their supply chains not only as a conduit for goods and materials, but also an unbelievable asset to help drive social impact.

Rural America Matters

America Depends on its Rural Communities

By Sarah Tyree, Vice President, Government Affairs, CoBank

Sarah Tyree provides a seasoned perspective on issues affecting rural America with more than 24 years of experience in rural development policy for state and federal governments and the biotechnology industry, as well as in domestic and international agriculture.

How Nespresso Supports Local Farmers to Business Success

By securing the future of agriculture workers, Nespresso secures its own long-term growth.

Nespresso CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin is well aware that the success of his business depends on the success of local farmers. Through that connection, Nespresso—a brand of shared value pioneer Nestlé—creates long-term value for local agricultural systems to ensure success for not only his business, but also society.

George Washington Carver

Trailblazer in agricultural science
Multimedia with summary

George Washington Carver was a trailblazer in agricultural science. His contributions to the development of crop rotation, agriculture extension and common uses for the peanut continue to help farmers succeed today.


Producing Excellence: Natalie Gilbert


Gilbert Farms
Lafayette, IN

Products: Grain

Size of Operation: 3,500 acres

Years in Business: 8

Farm Credit Partner: Farm Credit Mid-America

Years Working with Farm Credit: 8

Producing Excellence: John and Kati Hagenbuch


Hagenbuch Family Farms
Utica, IL

Products: Raised or Grown: Hogs

Size of Operation: 9,600 hogs

Years in Business: 1

Farm Credit Partner: 1st Farm Credit Services

Years Working with Farm Credit: 11


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