Rural America Matters

America Depends on its Rural Communities

By Sarah Tyree, Vice President, Government Affairs, CoBank

Sarah Tyree provides a seasoned perspective on issues affecting rural America with more than 24 years of experience in rural development policy for state and federal governments and the biotechnology industry, as well as in domestic and international agriculture.

How Nespresso Supports Local Farmers to Business Success

By securing the future of agriculture workers, Nespresso secures its own long-term growth.

Nespresso CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin is well aware that the success of his business depends on the success of local farmers. Through that connection, Nespresso—a brand of shared value pioneer Nestlé—creates long-term value for local agricultural systems to ensure success for not only his business, but also society.

George Washington Carver

Trailblazer in agricultural science
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George Washington Carver was a trailblazer in agricultural science. His contributions to the development of crop rotation, agriculture extension and common uses for the peanut continue to help farmers succeed today.


Producing Excellence: Natalie Gilbert


Gilbert Farms
Lafayette, IN

Products: Grain

Size of Operation: 3,500 acres

Years in Business: 8

Farm Credit Partner: Farm Credit Mid-America

Years Working with Farm Credit: 8

Producing Excellence: John and Kati Hagenbuch


Hagenbuch Family Farms
Utica, IL

Products: Raised or Grown: Hogs

Size of Operation: 9,600 hogs

Years in Business: 1

Farm Credit Partner: 1st Farm Credit Services

Years Working with Farm Credit: 11

Plant Breeding Helps Farmers Have Better Harvests

By Sam Eathington, Monsanto Vice President, Global Plant Breeding

Anyone who has a backyard garden knows that growing food can be challenging. Some years, it’s really dry, and even when you water in the morning and in the evening, your garden still looks thirsty. Other years, an unknown disease or insect sets in—your plants look feeble, and they produce fewer harvestable fruits and vegetables. After all the day-in and day-out work, this outcome is quite discouraging – knowing for all your effort, you’ll probably harvest less, and it likely won’t taste as good.

Producing Excellence: Marcia Kunde Mickelson


Kunde Family Estate and Kunde Family Estate Vineyards
Kenwood, CA

Products: Wine

Size of Operation: 700 acres

Years in Business: 109

Farm Credit Partner:  American AgCredit

Years Working with Farm Credit: 40

Producing Excellence: Emily Smith


Smith’s Farm
Presque Isle, ME

Products Raised or Grown: Broccoli, potatoes and grain

Size of Operation: 3,500

Years in Business: 204

Farm Credit Partner: Farm Credit of Maine

Years Working with Farm Credit: 2

PepsiCorps Volunteers Help Brazil Farm Communities

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In 2013, PepsiCorps team members traveled to northeast Brazil to help improve the lives of local farmers in communities affected by severe drought. PepsiCorps is a volunteer program that sends employees on one-month assignments to address sustainability challenges in underserved parts of the world. PepsiCorps helps bring Performance with Purpose to life for communities we serve while building leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills for our employees.

Business of Agriculture: The Importance of High-Quality Financial Reports


By Stephen Book

The Business of Agriculture series covers finance, accounting and other business topics to help both beginning farmers and ranchers as well as experienced operators. Stephen Book is VP Credit Officer for Capital Farm Credit. He has been with the Farm Credit System for ten years, and is based in Lubbock, Texas.


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