Business of Agriculture: What to Expect when Applying for a Loan


By Tony Powell

The Business of Agriculture series covers finance, accounting and other business topics to help both beginning farmers and ranchers as well as experienced operators. Tony Powell is a Credit Manager at Western Ag Credit's South Jordan, Utah office. He's worked for Farm Credit for 10 years. 

Preserving and Replenishing Brazil’s New Breadbasket

By Rodrigo Medeiros, Vice President, Conservation International Brazil, and Rodrigo Santos, President, Monsanto Brazil

By turning itself from a food importer into one of the world’s leading food exporters, Brazil has made itself into one of the great agricultural success stories of the last 40 years. But if you think that’s because Brazil has plowed up the Amazon rainforest, you need to read on.

Growing Food More Sustainably: Conservation Tillage To The Rescue

By Carlos Vicente Alberto, Sustainability Lead, Europe & Middle East, Monsanto

In 1985, during my final project at the School of Agricultural Engineers in Madrid, I embarked on something that may still seem strange to those unfamiliar with agriculture: growing plants without soil. The idea was to design a farm producing chicory using hydroponics, something that my classmates found novel at the time.

Business Of Agriculture: Transitioning The Farm To The Next Generation


By Karen Macdonald

Farms and ranches are valuable enterprises, both for the food they provide and for the equity accrued over time in their assets: land, equipment, facilities and livestock. With 87 percent of America’s farms and ranches family-owned, these assets are often passed to the next generation. This transition process is rife with operational, financial and interpersonal considerations; a comprehensive succession plan is essential to managing the issues effectively.

Strong Partnerships Vital to Driving Sustainability Breakthroughs

By Kerry Preete, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy, Monsanto

On Nov. 6, I attended the World Water Summit in London, an event hosted by The Economist for the purpose of bringing together representatives from the private sector, NGOs and governments to discuss challenges related to global water use.

I was proud to share with the attendees some of the work we’re doing at Monsanto to help farmers produce enough food to nourish a growing planet while also freezing the footprint of agriculture.

Ag News Roundup: October 2014


World Food Day on October 16 focused much attention on the role of the 500 million family farmers in feeding and 

Ray C. Anderson Foundation and Biomimicry Institute Announce Biomimicry Global Design Challenge and $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize

Press Release

November 13, 2014 /3BL Media/ - For years, the Biomimicry Institute and founder Janine Benyus have asked, “How can nature-inspired design solve the world’s most pressing problems?”  The Biomimicry Institute and partner Ray C.

Expert View: The Challenges in Agriculture


Dr Kenneth M Baker, Chairman, World Agricultural Forum

“Although gradually declining, the number of people employed in agriculture is greater than for any other human activity – around 35% of all those in employment globally.

Most of those people are in developing economies and at the lower end of the income scale. At the same time, agriculture is estimated to consume a hugely disproportionate 70% of the world’s freshwater as well as use large amounts of land.

Providing Power and Safe Drinking Water for Rural Communities in Bangladesh


Because of their rural location, many of BAT's upland farmers in Bangladesh haven’t had an electricity supply. Access to clean water for drinking and sanitation can also be a major challenge for them.

Since 2011, BAT Bangladesh has provided over 1,300 solar energy panels that generate electricity for 15 remote villages in tobacco growing areas.
The company also runs a project which has, so far, installed 53 water filtration plants that purify up to 270,000 litres a day, providing much needed clean drinking water in 14 districts.

BAT's Support for Farmers - Video Case Study

Multimedia with summary

British American Tobacco work as partners with over 100,000 farmers worldwide, providing them with on-the-ground advice and support. Watch the video to see this partnership in action in Lombok, Indonesia.

Find out more about BAT's support for farmers in the new Sustainability Focus Report, available to download as a standard PDF, interactive PDF and app for iPads and Android tablets at



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