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Fair Trade: Making Life Fair for Farmers


Life isn’t always fair. While not the most optimistic statement, it is certainly true. But what if you could make life fair for more people just by the products you choose? Well, you can.

Heat or Hope, What Do You See?

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Heat or hope, what do you see?

Enactus students from the United States saw a way to cultivate hope for disabled veterans by hiring them to help work a pepper farm. A seasoning is derived from the peppers and then sold to fund the farm’s operations. In addition to employment, the veterans find a source of therapy in nurturing their plants. How much more do veterans earn per week? Find out at:


VIDEO - SAP Social Sabbatical: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

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Selected to participate in the SAP Social Sabbatical, Jim Tubman, a Senior Support Consultant from Ireland, went to Kenya to support a local farming initiative.

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About SAP:

Contemplating the California Drought


We are all aware that California is facing a serious water shortage.  The crisis came into the spotlight early this year after a “summery” winter that brought little rainfall.  However, while this drought is directly effecting many people, there are still many more that do not feel the results of this disaster in their everyday lives.  They are still taking long showers, not fixing leaky pipes, and over-watering their lawns.  Yes, they are conscious of the fact that there is a drought, but since they don’t see the effects clearly in their every day life, it may not be affecting them persona

Straight Talk with Nebraska Farmer

Charles Barber has the original Keystone pipeline running through four of his Nebraska farms

As Charles Barber walks over remnants of last autumn’s corn harvest, it’s impossible to tell the existing Keystone Pipeline System runs deep beneath his feet. Since the pipeline began operation in July 2010, more than 600-million barrels of oil have safely traveled through the Keystone pipeline that runs through Barber’s farm.

Sustainable Agriculture Standard - Webinar Series Recordings

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LEO-4000 is intended to help users navigate the increasingly confusing range of proprietary sustainability labels, specifications, information requests, and guides for agricultural products. It is a comprehensive sustainability standard that provides a stable and reliable platform for producers to use in documenting and communicating their sustainability achievements while demonstrating compliance with other sustainability requirements and remaining flexible to meet the diverse needs of agriculture.

Cesar Chavez Film Social Action Campaign Supports The Equitable Food Initiative

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Participant Media’s Film Social Action campaign will support the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) launch of a new system and trustmark to assure consumers that American farms meet rigorous safety standards and treat workers with the same care they give to the fruits and vegetables they grow.

The Celestia Project: Manifesting What We See

“The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon. We are never tired so long as we can see far enough.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the words of the illustrious American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon. We are never tired so long as we can see far enough.”  

At Green Builder Media, we keep our eyes keenly focused on the horizon, always gathering ideas and inspiration from what we see in the distance. Our interest in the future drives our thought leadership content, and we do our best to paint a compelling vision of how we can affect a sustainable future.


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