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Fifth Third Encourages Employee Learning & Development


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From the 2020 Fifth Third ESG Report: Employee Development


Learning and development programs at Fifth Third are built upon a growth mindset, the belief that everyone’s skills and capabilities can be enhanced through dedication and work inspired by a thirst for learning.

We believe that learning and development must be accessible to meet a range of needs for employees and address a work environment in which skills need to evolve rapidly. Thus, we offer a rich mix of education, experiences, exposure, and tools necessary to expand knowledge and skills.

From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Employee Engagement


The Fifth Third Compass symbolizes our culture. Our Compass clearly communicates who we are, what we believe, how we deliver value and how we interact with others.

The Compass is so important in our culture that it is intentionally and regularly reinforced through employee communications and training, engagement initiatives, performance reviews and metrics as well as our everyday actions, processes and business controls.

From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Human Capital Strategic Priorities


As engaged, high performing and skilled employees continue to seek more value from their employers, the Human Capital division of Fifth Third Bank announced four strategic priorities in 2020 to respond proactively to the evolving work environment and workforce, strengthen our culture and continue engaging, developing, retaining and attracting top talent:

From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Pillars of Accelerating Racial Equality, Equity and Inclusion


Fifth Third Bancorp’s $2.8 billion Accelerating Racial Equality, Equity and Inclusion initiative is focused on four strategic pillars that directly impact customers and communities with targeted outcomes. We will track progress and measure success in the following areas:


From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Accelerating Racial Equality, Equity and Inclusion


In the wake of widespread civil protests, Chairman & CEO Greg Carmichael make a prompt and public statement against racism, and the Bank committed itself to being part of the solution. Our Commitment was more than words; it resulted in concrete, ongoing actions.

It was necessary that we acknowledge that we hadn’t previously done enough and recognize that our work to address shortcomings was far from over. As the nation reached a tipping point in a long history of racial injustice impacting Black Americans, we, too, were galvanized to redouble our efforts.

From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Bold Goals for Inclusion & Diversity


In its 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report, Fifth Third highlighted its six bold goals for Inclusion & Diversity. The goals, to be achieved by 2025, support inclusion and diversity throughout the company’s workforce and among its suppliers:

From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Inclusion & Diversity


Fifth Third strives to be the One Bank people—all people—most value and trust. As an intentionally inclusive, diverse and thriving organization, we want each employee and customer to feel valued, respected and understood. Employees at Fifth Third are encouraged to bring their authentic selves and best thinking into the workplace to make the most of the power of our diversity and our commonality. We are all One Bank.


Fifth Third Bank Comments in Bank Director Magazine Article, “Confronting Climate Change”


In the Third Quarter 2021 issue of Bank Director Magazine, writer Emily McCormick penned an article titled, Confronting Climate Change. In it, she quoted Mike Faillo, director of ESG analytics and reporting, about the Bank’s approach to environmental sustainability. The full article can be accessed at, which is subscriber-based.

“Climate change represents real opportunities—and real risks,” she begins. “Banks such as Amalgamated Financial Corp. and Fifth Third Bancorp are looking at both.”

From the Fifth Third Bancorp 2020 ESG Report: Third-Party Management


Fifth Third has a robust third-party management program for the acquisition of goods and services. Read more in the 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report beginning on page 46. 

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth Fifth Third’s expectations for ethical, human rights, labor and environmental standards throughout our supplier network. It is expected that Fifth Third suppliers demonstrate the same level of commitment to ethical business practices.


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