U.S. Businesses Push Back Against China Trade Policy

by John Howell, Editorial Director & VP of Content, 3BL Media

The collision of principle and policy in current affairs has just ratcheted up several notches in intensity. The reason? The latest round of tariffs on Chinese goods imported into the U.S. that takes direct aim at profits at a number of the largest multinationals. After losing the lobbying battle to stave off this latest round, these companies are going public with their protests, hoping to encourage a rollback by taking a collective stand against a policy that hits their bottom line.

Can Employers Achieve Better Performance by Encouraging Employees to Wear Fitness Trackers?

By: Jackie Sharp

In January, Oral Roberts University announced an experiment. The Tulsa, Okla., university asked all 900 of its incoming freshmen to wear Fitbit fitness trackers.

FitBit’s Celebrity Challenge Promotes Healthy Competition to Benefit AHA


Apps have been all the rage in the social impact world recently. We've reported on apps that trigger donations when you wash clothing or run a mile, and others that pause your text conversation while driving or help you make responsible purchasing decisions.

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