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I'm His Mom. I Show Up.


This guest blog post is written by Meryl Phipps, a foster and adoptive mom whose son, Jeremiah, was adopted through the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.

Learning to Love Again


This guest blog post is written by Josh and Katie Butler. The Butler family has one adopted son, Braxtel,and is in the process of adopting a sibling group of three. They have also provided respite care to foster families on several occasions. Their only biological child, Dewey, passed away when he was 132 days old from complications connected to a genetic disorder.

Foster Care Adoption: Come Prepared with Faith and Heavy Duty Boots


Stacie Booth is a mother of one adopted son and two biological sons, a devoted wife and a small business owner who provides Taekwondo classes for a homeschool group and Montessori schools. She is a relocated Texan living in Michigan and freezes to death every winter, but has found some solace in snowboarding and sledding with her sons.

Celebrating His Forever Family

Children of all ages are waiting in foster care to be adopted

Jayden met his adoptive parents at 14 months old after being in foster care for nine months. His mom shared, “We never expected the adoption process to take as long as it did, but we would do it all over again! He was our son from the first day we met him.” 

Survey of Adoption Attitudes Reveals Surprising Trend


Every five years the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption measures the attitudes of Americans and their feelings and thoughts about foster care adoption. This year the survey was completed by Nielsen on behalf of the Foundation and there were some surprising trends.

One of the main take-aways from this year’s study is that many families who adopt already have children, debunking a long standing opinion that only families who can’t have biological children adopt. There’s also a growing sentiment in the United States that every child is adoptable.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Reaches Major Milestone


When Dave Thomas started his Foundation 25 years ago he did so with a heart that was committed to finding families for children waiting to be adopted from foster care. His vision is always close to our hearts and today we think he would be proud as the Foundation that bears his name celebrates more than 6,500 adoptions.

After Seven Years in Foster Care, Teen Boy is Adopted


When Phoenix Creech was adopted on July 14th, it ended seven years of uncertainty. Phoenix had been in foster care for 2,598 days before finally being adopted by his forever family. His Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter never gave up hope and we are so thankful she didn’t.

Dave Thomas Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary


It is an exciting year for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as we celebrated our 25th anniversary on July 31. Since 1992, the Foundation has been committed to the vision of our founder, Dave Thomas: to ensure every child has a permanent and loving family. Our mission has never wavered. Each day we work to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from foster care. We believe that family is the birthright of every child and that every child is adoptable.


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