GE, MetLife and Union Bank to Invest $247 Million in Kansas Wind Farm


General Electric Co, Metlife Inc and Union Bank said they invested $247 million in a 201-megawatt(MW) wind farm in Kansas.

GE will provide 134 wind turbines to the Post Rock wind farm, commissioned by renewable energy and waste management investor NTR Plc.

The farm will sell power to Westar Energy, the largest electric utility in Kansas.

Videos of Minds + Machines 2012: Unleashing the Industrial Internet

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For decades, technology has connected people and businesses globally. This is just the start. The Internet will also transform global industries, joining human insight with machine intelligence. Bringing minds and machines together has created something wholly new -- the Industrial Internet -- an open, global network that connects machines, people, and data.

For the first time, thought leaders from across business, technology and academia convened an important conversation in San Francisco in late November about the power of the Industrial Internet and why it matters. 

The Motley Fool Corporate Responsibility Spotlight: General Electric


General Electric (NYSE: GE) is one of the world's largest and most respected companies. From appliances to energy, aviation to finance, this appropriately named conglomerate is one whose reach you might have trouble escaping. The deep-rooted company is the only member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index that remains from the original 12 in 1896, and it's practically become a symbol for American ingenuity.

Simon Zadek: Heading over the Carbon Cliff


We are heading for the edge of the carbon cliff, a far more scary prospect than any fiscal cliff we might imagine or create. And like lemmings, that curious small rodent that migrates in large herds and periodically suffers catastrophic population collapse as they, in hysterical error, cascade over cliff edges, we are rushing towards the precipice with behavioral abandon.

Sustainability: A Technological Challenge


In 2012, as part of our stakeholder engagement, GE focused on the role of technology in addressing sustainability challenges. We brought together our Citizenship Advisory Panel with technology leaders from GE’s Global Research centers for a convening with public policy, research and civil society experts. The Panel also spent time with our Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, to discuss these issues.

Profits and CSR Closely Linked: Report


A global survey of corporate social responsibility executives within the Fortune 1000 organisations has revealed that profits and CSR are closely linked, and many businesses evaluate the relationship between these two variables when developing strategy.

Body Check: How a Brainy GE Scientist Helped Revolutionize Medical Imaging


Late one October night 30 years ago, GE scientist John Schenck was lying on a makeshift wooden platform inside a GE lab in upstate New York. Surrounding his body was a large magnet, 30,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field. Standing at his side were a handful of colleagues. They were there to peer inside Schenck’s head and take the first magnetic resonance scan (MRI) of the brain.

GE Launches New Tech Services, Domtar Raises $150,000 for School Resources, and CSC Scores as One of CR Magazine’s Top Ten Corporate Citizens - CSR Minute for December 5, 2012

Press Release

GE has announced nine new industrial service technologies and a joint venture with Accenture to help drive productivity innovation. The new “intelligent” services will expand GE’s industrial Internet technologies and deliver four categories of outcomes and benefits including optimized networks, plant and facilities, and assets. The services work across major industry sectors, including energy, oil and gas, healthcare, aviation, rail, and manufacturing.

GE Executive Praises Jefferson County School Board Member Efforts


When I spoke in September with Bob Corcoran, vice president for corporate citizenship for General Electric Co. and president and chairman of the GE Foundation, he talked about a number of ways business leaders can stand up and support the new Common Core State Standards for education.

GE Healthcare Acquires U-Systems, Expands GE Presence in Breast Cancer Detection


GE Healthcare, the healthcare division of General Electric (NYSE: GE), announced today the acquisition of U-Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of ultrasound products specifically designed for breast applications. With operations in Sunnyvale, CA and Phoenix, AZ, U-Systems, Inc. has developed the somo•v® Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS), the first and only ultrasound system on the market approved in the U.S. for breast cancer screening as an adjunct to mammography for asymptomatic women with greater than 50 percent dense breast tissue and no prior breast interventions.


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