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New Research Reveals Global Youth Are Stepping Up for Human Rights and Climate Justice Despite Increased Disenfranchisement

Report finds rising pessimism, frustration and anxiety among Gen Z has contributed to an increase in youth activism and a collective demand for world leaders to take urgent action on human rights and environmental concerns
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AMSTERDAM, November 29, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Today an in-depth trend study into the values, lifestyle and psychology of young adults from leading research agency Glocalities, in collaboration with international advocacy organisation Global Citizen, has revealed significant shifts of values amongst the young worldwide over the last eight years.

Gen Z Innovators Shine at T-Mobile's Changemaker Challenge Lab

This week, the top 15 Changemaker Challenge teams gathered at T-Mobile’s Bellevue HQ for a three-day lab where Safe Teens Online, MiSendero and Tobelli received the grand prize: $5,000 each in additional seed funding for a total of $15,000

While spending her childhood summers visiting her grandmother in India, Rashmi Alawani, was captivated by how her grandmother used aromatic spices and herbs, like turmeric and rosemary, to help keep food fresh.

Handshake Recognizes KeyBank With Early Talent Award


Citing the importance of hiring young talent, KeyBank has been recognized with a Handshake Early Talent Award. This award identifies an annual short list of employers for best-in-class talent engagement and celebrates the teams that launch careers for Gen Z.

5 Ways Companies Can Demonstrate Authentic Purpose to Gen Z

Advice from a Gen Zer on how companies can engage the "social justice generation"

By: Casey Sherman

Introducing the 2021 Porter Novelli Focus: Gen Z & Justice.


While traditionally defined as more pragmatic and rational than their Millennial peers, Gen Zers came onto the scene a handful of years ago with an energy, enthusiasm and a demand for the world to acknowledge that change needs to happen – and fast. Yet, the passionate generation was thrusted into a new series of increasingly urgent crises – from a global pandemic to calls for racial justice in the United States.

Meet 16 Gen Z Leaders Who Are Making an Impact


Jay’Aina “Jay Jay” Patton, age 16, is one of many teens and young adults in Generation Z who have decided they are not going to wait for older generations. They are going to be, as the familiar saying goes, “the change you want to see in the world.” 

Jay Jay has already inspired legions of Black techies and other young people to learn to code through the Unlock Academy, a digital coding school founded by her father, further spreading the potential for a different future. 

Introducing the 2021 Porter Novelli Focus: All Gender


Today, we launch the first edition of Porter Novelli Focus, our newest research series. These data briefs share insights on evolving stakeholder expectations related to timely topics today. In this report, we focus on corporate inclusion of all genders in media, marketing, communications, product design and more – and how U.S. stakeholders expect brands to both break down cultural stereotypes and advance a more inclusive gender narrative.

Google Celebrates Transgender Awareness Week


From November 13th to the 19th we observed Transgender Awareness Week – a time used to elevate transgender voices, build awareness and call attention to the many challenges transgender individuals face.

Virtually Experience Our Porter Novelli Purpose Summit: The Era of Stakeholder-centered Business


The COVID-19 pandemic, a reckoning of social justice, a global recession and a resounding call to action for all sectors to more deeply drive impact has fundamentally altered business today. To ensure short-term survival and long-term success, businesses must now consider the quickly changing expectations of their full range of stakeholders – employees, communities, consumers, investors and partners – and embrace the intersectionality of the issues we face as people, in business and around the world. 

Youth in Power: Marketing to Gen Z Audiences During the Coronavirus Crisis

“Reaching young people is such an important part of this. We know how strong their voices are.”

By Nicole Bitette

Millennials and Gen Z for the most part have been raised on the internet with information readily available at their fingertips. Now, with the coronavirus crisis unfolding around the world, they’re scrolling through their feeds looking for brands who are making a social impact, not serving them ads for sandals or sunglasses.


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