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Round-the-clock shifts, how to manage a work-life balance? Meet Jaqueline to get an answer.


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Xylem Rental Pumps Provide Fast Solution for Dewatering


A large construction project in Mainz, Germany, recently used Xylem rental pumps for a drainage solution. The pumps were quickly delivered and provided reliable service.

A new apartment complex in Lerchenberg, a district of Mainz, provides 111 apartments in six buildings. The apartments focus on accessibility, with no doorway barriers and twelve apartments especially designed for wheelchairs.

Meet Delia Borsum from Germany


School: Hedwig-Bollhagen-Gymnasium Velten

Subject and Grade Taught: biology, chemistry, physical education, 8-12th grade

Years Teaching: 20

Years in Amgen Teach community: 1

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: national training

Narrow Streets, Unlimited Innovation

Could an experiment in one European city become the template for urban delivery?

Frank Horch | City of Hamburg

Home to the second largest port in Europe, Hamburg, Germany has been a transportation center for centuries, serving as a vital link to trade between the continent and the world beyond.

Since early times, people have settled by great rivers to engage in trade. Ports are vibrant population centers in every continent. They are often characterized by a thriving economy, wide diversity, tolerance and creativity.

That’s how it is in Hamburg, too.

UPS Receives German Excellence Award

Hamburg model project for sustainable urban logistics awarded by the German Society for Sustainability DQS

The Sustainable City Logistics project was developed by UPS in cooperation with the city of Hamburg, Germany as a way to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions in the city center. The project involves placing four containers at locations around the city then using hand trucks and electric cargo bikes to deliver packages from the containers. The 13 UPSers working to deliver packages from the containers leads to 800 kilometers a day of delivery routes and zero emissions.

Are Carmakers Ready for the Urban Mobility Revolution?

The way people get from place to place is changing in big ways, and auto companies are adapting their global strategies to stay ahead.

By 2035, more than 60% (pdf) of the world’s population are projected to be urban dwellers. That could result in denser cities, more competition for housing and added congestion caused by cars.

Meet Amgen Scholar Alumni Lisa Selina Rodermund


"I realized that with a science-based career I will not only improve my own mind, but also the world around me."

Leading Science Journal ‘Nature’ Publishes Special Supplement On Mars’ Presence At 2014 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Fuelling the ideas factory: Mars sponsors Nature Outlook to share insights from Lindau and inspire the new generation
Press Release

October 20, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Nature journal today published a special Mars-sponsored Outlook supplement on the Nobel Laureate Meeting on Physiology and Medicine that took place in July in Lindau, Germany.


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