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A Diverse Workforce Enables Businesses to Succeed

By Joydeep Ganguly

The lack of diversity in the pharmaceutical engineering industry is widely recognized. Less well understood is why change is so hard to achieve. From my years of work in this space, and through observation of ongoing efforts to embrace diversity in all forms, I have developed a hypothesis: Progress is stifled because we as a society wrongly believe diversity and inclusion efforts are nice-to-have peripheral strategies to an organization’s mission.

AIDS Memorial Quilt Panels on Display at Gilead


After a journey across the country, two pieces of the AIDS Memorial Quilt have now found their permanent home at Gilead’s Foster City campus.

The exhibit, which is installed outside of the company’s meeting center, contains two 12 feet by 12 feet blocks of the Quilt, each including eight panels. The individual panels commemorate the life of a person who died from AIDS-related causes.

Decades of Achievements: Gilead's 35th Anniversary


Over Gilead’s 35-year history, bold ambitions were set and achieved in the company’s fight against devastating diseases. The journey to fulfill Gilead’s purpose of making the world a healthier place for all people has led to advancing a cure for hepatitis C and to the transformation of the treatment and prevention of HIV.

Youth Can't Wait - Empowering Young People in the Fight Against Hepatitis

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“At the time I was diagnosed, I decided to push everything about hepatitis B to a place in my mind where it wasn’t real anymore. I didn’t want to deal with it.”

Gilead Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

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FOSTER CITY, Calif., June 29, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. This decision will have significant implications for women’s healthcare in roughly half of the states across the country – states where many of our colleagues, partner organizations and patients live and work. Improving health equity has always been core to our mission, including removing barriers faced by women, transgender individuals and other groups who are disproportionately impacted.

Gilead Leadership Organization of Black Employees (GLOBE) Raised the Juneteenth Flag

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In advance of Juneteenth, our Gilead Leadership Organization of Black Employees (GLOBE) employee resource group gathered to raise the Juneteenth flag on our Foster City campus. With this symbol of freedom and justice, we honor the holiday, reflect on its history and renew our dedication to advancing racial equity around the world.

Gilead's Social Justice Experience Helps Raise Awareness of the Black Journey in the United States


Gilead is as passionately committed to championing inclusion and diversity, health equity and social justice issues, as it is to helping improve the lives of people with life-threatening diseases.

Gilead Sciences Features Cristina Herrera of Translatinx Network

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As we continue to celebrate Pride Month, we feature Cristina Herrera of Translatinx Network, a Gilead grantee. Learn more about how she continues to fulfill her dream of leading a trans-led, immigrant-led organization to support the trans Latinx community.

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David Malebranche Expands Career in HIV Care to Help Bridge the Divide on a Global Scale


As a physician who specializes in sexual health and HIV, David Malebranche treats one patient at a time in the clinic. As an activist and a writer embedded in the intersection of Black, LBGTQ+ and HIV communities, he actively uses social media to reach thousands. And now, after joining Gilead as Senior Director of Global HIV Medical Affairs in April, his goal is to make an impact on a much larger, worldwide scale for people living with HIV.

Providing Health and Wellness Support for Women in Chicago with Breast Cancer


Dale Cain is known in her community as someone who is an advocate of wellness, but she was not always focused on her own health and wellbeing. Formerly a self-defined “workaholic,” a chance encounter at a community gathering led to a change in her life.

“I decided to make a life change after the wellness and nutritional training I participated in at this gathering,” says Dale. “I went on to join a family nutrition education program at the local children’s hospital in Chicago, and then I earned a certificate in nutrition.”


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