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How does a company know what counts as a charitable contribution when each country around the world classifies NGOs in differing ways?  Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) sought to answer that question and now provides clear, concise guidance through its Developing the Global Guide to What Counts: Expanding the Boundaries of Corporate Giving, which was developed with pro bono support from Deloitte. 

Business, CSR And Nonprofit Leaders: What They're Reading This Summer


Every several months, I crowdsource book recommendations from my friends and colleagues and share them here with my readers. The book selections are quite eclectic. Here are a few, and I'll post more recommendations in Part II tomorrow. Happy reading!

Crowdsourcing: Yesterday's Corporate Philanthropy is Today's Branding and Community-Building


Old corporate giving, 10 – 20 years ago: Decisions were made behind closed doors, among a small, select, close-knit group of people. New corporate philanthropy, often part of the CSR strategy: Decisions draw on the collective wisdom of diverse groups of people of all generations and backgrounds, including members of the global community being served, social innovators, customers, employees, and others. The vehicle: Crowdsourcing. The value: Good for business, and better funding decisions to improve communities and the world.


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