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Quest Diagnostics: Investing in Green Power to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), names Quest Diagnostics in the Fortune 500® list of the largest corporate green power users.
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Powering our more than 2,200 Patient Service Centers and our major lab locations across the country, which operate 24 hours a day, takes a tremendous amount of energy. To balance running an effective business with reducing the environmental impact of our operations, we continuously seek opportunities to reduce energy use and invest in green energy.

Quest Diagnostics Environmental Impact

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At Quest, we process 157 million test requests annually. Transporting those samples requires every car and plane in our fleet. We continually look to make small, green changes that can have a big impact.

Prior to 2014, specimens were transported in Styrofoam coolers. In 2015, we expanded our use of the Quest Specimen Transport System throughout the U.S. This cardboard box with a special liner allows us to ship specimens safely and responsibly. The liner can be reused or returned to the vendor so they can recycle it and provide us with a refund.

Quest Employees Take Center Stage in New GI & CSR Report


Hot off the press, Quest Diagnostics’ 2015 Global Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility (GI & CSR) Report provides a snapshot of the progress we made last year toward contributing to a healthier world—by providing critical diagnostic insights and advocating for better health, and through our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

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