Migrating Birds at Musselwhite


Habitat loss, whether through natural or man-made causes, is one of the main triggers for the extinction of migratory birds and a main topic for this year’s World Migratory Bird Day, on May 10th. The boreal forest near Goldcorp’s Musselwhite Mine, 480 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ontario is characterized by fast-growing deciduous trees and slow-growing conifers. Its harsh winters and short, productive summers make it a breeding destination for many migrating birds, including the Common Nighthawk, currently listed as threatened under Canada's Species at Risk Act.

Empowering Others to Understand Addiction


Goldcorp has a strong culture of mentoring employees and leading by example, and provides time, resources and tools to set others up for success. Empowering Others is one of our core values. So when we see an opportunity in our local community to help others empower themselves – or to help people acquire the skills to help others – it’s a natural fit for our company. It’s especially poignant when those we aim to empower are held back by mental health issues or substance abuse.

Éléonore Recognized for 2016 Safety Record


Goldcorp employees understand that safety standards are in place for everyone’s protection, and each employee is personally accountable. Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine has been recognised for its outstanding safety record in the 2016 calendar year with the John T. Ryan National Safety Trophy for Metal Mines. The award is in recognition of the Éléonore mine who achieved 2,592,938 hours worked during 2016, with a reportable injury rate of 0.15, the best among Metal Mines in Canada. Similarly the operation earned Regional Safety Awards for Metal Mines in 2015 and 2014.

Keeping Bees Warm in Winter


On International Mother Earth Day, we are reminded that the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. We are dependent on even the smallest of creatures such as butterflies, wasps, and flies – and particularly bees, to pollinate the crops which provide us with a third of all our food, and a world without them would be devastating. Bees also play an important role in Goldcorp’s reclamation process, as they are able to pollinate and improve our replanting efforts.

Eco-Offsetting at Éléonore


Located in a remote area of Northern Québec, Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine is predominantly a fly-in/fly-out mine. Before development construction at the mine even began, it was recognized that communities not just near the site but in the wider regional catchment of Nord-du-Québec could be affected by waste management and transportation issues if any community events were to be held at the mine site.

Marlin’s Sustainable Healthcare Legacy


One of Goldcorp’s six pillars that guide our everyday actions and support Goldcorp’s vision and values is to Grow Sustainability. This means we are committed to leaving a positive economic, social and environmental legacy everywhere that we operate.  In 2017, Goldcorp’s Marlin mine in Guatemala advances towards closure, marking the end of more than a decade of sustainable mining practices and the beginning of a new chapter as we look forward to the opportunities after mining.

Goldcorp’s EcoTails Technology Challenges Mining’s Historical Relationship with H2O


It’s no secret that mining is a water-intensive process, and the use and protection of water - a precious resource - has come under increasing scrutiny. Growing Innovation is a core value at Goldcorp that we apply to all areas of our business. Innovation in water technology is no exception and we are looking to play a leadership role in our industry to advance solutions for water conservation.

Protecting Truly Precious Resources – Goldcorp’s Towards Zero Water Strategy


There’s no question water plays a critical role in day-to-day operations at Goldcorp. It’s a valuable resource required for metals production. It’s also one of the most important resources in the world and there is growing scrutiny of its use in all industrial applications, including mining.

Changing the Face of Gender Diversity in Mining – From the Top Down and Bottom Up

By Anna Tudela, Vice President, Diversity and Regulatory Affairs, Corporate Secretary, Goldcorp

Picture a woman in the mining industry. What do you see?

If you imagine a woman typing away in an office, or prepping a hearty lunch for the crew in a camp kitchen, it’s time to toss those stale gender stereotypes aside. Why? Because it’s 2017. And because diversity in a company’s workforce and on its leadership team strengthens the entire operation.

Bringing Virtual and Augmented Reality to the Forefront of Mining


As part of our series on #DisruptMining Innovation, in today’s post we share how virtual and augmented reality technology can improve efficiency and increase productivity at Goldcorp.

Virtual and augmented reality (VAR) use to be the exclusive domain of science fiction, but it’s now making inroads in the resource sector, bringing with it the potential to change the face of the mining industry.

Over the last few months, Goldcorp has been working to evaluate possible applications of VAR technology at our mine sites.


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