Hallmark Supports Education by Cultivating Creativity in Arkansas


Young children are creative because they’re not afraid to be. This idea inspired DaySpring Cards’ Creative Greenhouse program.

“We took that idea and said ‘What if everybody, regardless of skill, was given an opportunity to be creative?’ ” explained Brenda Turner, vice president, communications and administration, DaySpring, a Hallmark-owned greeting card company in Arkansas. 

Hallmark Employees in Australia Pack Food to Feed the Hungry


The Foodbank volunteer day for employees at the Hallmark Greetings Australia office offers a great opportunity to give back and help those less fortunate. “It allows us to build relationships with coworkers, make a difference in our community and have some fun along the way,” explained Rachel Goldsworthy, national account manager.

Hallmark President Dave Hall Helps Provide Leadership for United Way of Greater Kansas City


For decades, Hallmark and its businesses have supported the United Way to improve the health, education and financial stability of the communities where its employees work and live. In 2017, Hallmark was the No. 1 giver to the United Way of Greater Kansas City, with a donation of nearly $2.3 million. Another $773,500 was pledged from other Hallmark locations for their respective United Way chapters.

Hallmark's Elizabeth Bordenave Utilizes Skills-Based Volunteering for Nonprofits

Utilizing Work Talents to Aid Nonprofits

Year over year, many Hallmark employees donate their time and talent to nonprofits in the Kansas City area. Elizabeth Bordenave, Lean strategy and implementation manager, Hallmark, is one of them. She has been volunteering to help a number of nonprofits in the company’s hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Using her skillset within Lean methodology, an organizational practice of eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency, she helps teams operate more effectively by making continuous improvements toward their goals.

In 2017, Bordenave worked with two specific groups:

Hallmark Donated $10.7 Million and 53K Volunteer Hours in 2017

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In 2017, Hallmark and its businesses contributed nearly $11 million in product and financial contributions to non- profit

Hallmark Elevates Employee Engagement Through Mobile Technology


Employees who are engaged in their work are good for business. That’s the idea behind mobile technology that Hallmark is using at Starlite, a key strategic printer in Asia.

In late 2017, Hallmark partnered with Tesco, a major UK retailer, and Micro-Benefits, a technology company based in Shanghai, China, to begin using Company IQ at Starlite. The Company IQ mobile application facilitates employee engagement surveys, provides interactive training, shares company updates and collects feedback from employees.

Making a Difference with Family-Friendly Factory Spaces


In China, it’s common for families to be separated for months at a time. Many parents work in factories in large cities while their children stay in villages with relatives to go to school. The Chinese social system connects access to schools and healthcare to the migrant worker’s home province, so most factory workers cannot bring their children with them when they move to cities to work.

“In fact, many workers may only be able to go back to see their families once or twice a year,” explained Steven Campbell, responsible sourcing manager, Asia-Pacific.

America's Best Employers for Women 2018


The nation’s top employers for women know that cultivating a culture that’s beneficial to women is an ongoing process. Even Hallmark—where 83% of employees, 40% of senior managers and 75% of board members are women—must work at it every day.

VIDEO | Hallmark Is Making Progress Toward 2020 Goals

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In working toward Hallmark’s ambitious 2020 Environmental Goals, the company regularly incorporates positive strides for the environment with the needs of the business. In years like 2017, it can be a balancing act between what is required to grow the business and what is needed to maintain forward progress on environmental goals.

Hallmark Responds in Times of Need: Disaster Relief 2017


2017 was one of the costliest years for natural disasters in U.S. history. From flooding to wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes, the need for assistance across the country was greater than ever. Hallmark and its businesses supported several disaster response efforts, contributing nearly $150,000 through corporate and employee gifts as well as contributions collected in Hallmark Gold Crown stores.


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