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Managing hazardous chemicals can be a challenge. It’s a whole different challenge to be proactive and try to prevent accidental release of these chemicals. Unfortunately, unexpected releases still happen across many industries, especially when hazardous chemicals aren’t properly controlled.

A Look into Gildan's Health Clinics With Dr. Nancy Garcia


As part of the new Gildan Respects™ campaign, Gildan today unveils its first documentary video, giving viewers a glimpse into the Company’s healthcare benefits. 

In this video, immerse yourself in a day of Dr. Nancy Garcia’s life, a Gildan doctor, who for 10 years has been providing regular health check-ups and preventative care for Gildan employees in Honduras. Dr. Garcia’s dedication and passion for her work shows just how much she, and the Company, care about healthy lives that extend beyond the workplace.

3 Tips to Make Your Low-Risk Office Workplace Safer


As an Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager, your job is to understand the top hazards found within your business and put plans in place to avoid them. This includes office work environments. And while offices might be “low risk” when compared to industrial workplaces, it doesn’t mean that they are “no risk,” and should be managed accordingly.

Most Common OSHA Citations by Workplace


Imagine you had the choice between two nearly identical job offers. The only difference: One company had multiple health and safety citations and the other didn’t. Where would you rather work?

It’s hard to imagine anyone choosing the company that cares less about worker safety.

From the employer side, it makes sense to prioritize environmental, health, and safety (EHS). In addition to the human side of the equation, a focus on EHS can help avoid costly fines, lawsuits, and interruptions in productivity.

Gildan Rolls out Mobile App to Digitalize Grievance Mechanism for Factory Workers


With an ESG journey spanning over two decades, Gildan is more than familiar with what it takes to keep up with and advance labour and environmental standards in the apparel industry. Gildan’s ESG practices are based on respect for the human rights of its people, which includes worker health and safety, their overall wellbeing, freedom of association, and more.

Implementing a Safety Management System to Drive DOT Compliance and Fleet Safety

Webinar Recap

When your fleet safety program is compliant with applicable regulatory requirements, you may be in a good position to build on this base by looking to other areas where you can improve efficiency, employee morale, overall safety culture, operations performance, and safety results. Implementing a Safety Management System (SMS) is just the right method to make these improvements.

Maintaining a positive safety culture can become the norm within your organization when you implement an SMS to identify systemic risks and focus on continuous improvement.

Human Capital Management: Holistically Bringing Together Human Rights, DEI, and Health and Safety

Q&A with Esther Hackett, Vice President of Human Resources at Gildan

With the recent launch of Gildan’s Next Generation ESG strategy and future targets, we wanted to sit down with a member of Gildan’s leadership team on one of the Company's most important areas of focus – respect for people.

Bring On the Heat: Get Ahead of Summer EHS Hazards


With the start of Summer comes a renewed focus on Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs in workplaces with June kicking off the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month. There’s no better time to focus on safety with hazards like unpredictable weather, heat stress, and biological hazards with different bugs and critters coming out. Read on to keep your teams safe this summer.

Lone Work in Data Centers: What You Need to Know About Managing Risk and Prioritizing Safety


Lone work is an increasing concern for many data centers, especially as the "great resignation" continues and organizations are operating with fewer employees. Some companies have found success in allowing data center sites to make decisions and facilitate lone work policies based on the location of the site. This allows them to accommodate the various rules and regulations specific to the site's location as well as meet cultural expectations. Others have a more direct approach requiring the entire organization to follow one policy.

WEBINAR: Reigniting Company Culture in a Hybrid Office Model Through Total Worker Health

Press Release

April 14, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Do you manage offices, call centers, home-based workers and/or a combination of these? Are you experiencing challenges with attracting and retaining personnel during the great resignation and reshuffle? Are you struggling to improve in-office engagement and redefine your company’s culture for your hybrid workforce? If you answered yes to any of these, then you will find actionable information in our upcoming webinar Reigniting Company Culture in a Hybrid Office Model through Total Worker Health on Thursday, April, 28 (2 pm EDT).


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