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Monsanto on Track to Become Carbon Neutral, Demonstrates Environmental Benefits of Modern Agriculture

Company cuts greenhouse gas emissions by more than 200,000 metric tons, expects portfolio approach to accelerate future reductions
Press Release

ST. LOUIS, November 17, 2017 /3BL Media/ - As society, businesses and governments around the world face the complex challenges associated with climate change, Monsanto Company today announced at COP23 significant progress toward making its operations carbon neutral by 2021, a commitment it made in December 2015.

How Soil Sparked a New Sustainable Ag Movement

By Steven Rosenzweig

For three weeks every month, Ray Archuleta captivates audiences with a few handfuls of soil. He begins with two clumps, dropping them into water. The soil from a farm where the soil isn’t tilled holds together, while the tilled soil immediately disperses, indicating poor soil structure. Next, volunteers from the audience — mostly farmers and ranchers — pour water over a soil that grew a variety of crops, and it runs right through.

Soil Matters More Than You Think

By Shauna Sadowski

As I walked through the verdant fields filled with a dazzling array of sorghum, hairy vetch, daikon radish, collards, cowpeas, clover, millet, kale, and other crops, I was struck by how different this field looked relative to so many other farms I've walked over the years. When we conducted a spade test, digging out a section of the soil with a simple tool, it revealed heavily clumped, rich brown matter with visible earthworms: soil life.

General Mills Foundation & The Nature Conservancy

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Healthy soil is crucial for growing food and is a powerful and natural lever to reduce the impact of climate change. So that future generations have enough food, the General Mills Foundation is supporting The Nature Conservancy’s road map to help improve soil health.

Learn more about the Nature Conservancy here.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Tips

Several site challenges can compromise the effectiveness of green stormwater infrastructure. Here are strategies for overcoming them.

Let's say you want to design a rain garden, but the heavy clay soil won’t allow water to infiltrate effectively. Or you want to direct roof runoff into a swale, but you’re dealing with a tiny lot.


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