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Global Impact: HP's Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs


Bill and Dave founded Hewlett-Packard based on a shared idea about the future of technology. Within a few years, the two visionaries were employing technology solutions to help entrepreneurs around the world turn their own ideas into thriving businesses. 

Although times, terminologies and technologies have continuously changed over the past 74 years, the rise of IT has been steady. For entrepreneurs, business and IT skills are essential to building successful companies.

HP Helps Fuel Environmental Responsibility


HP is company that has never run away from tough challenges. We believe in our technology solutions, our people and our commitment to social impact. That's why we are helping 34 of the world’s leading car manufacturers eliminate harmful substances from the automotive supply chain by hosting the International Material Data System (IMDS) for the next five years.

HP's Contribution to Teaching Hospital in Haiti

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HP worked with Partners in Health to apply HP technology in the newly built National Mirebalais Teaching Hospital in rural Haiti. HP supplies the IT infrastructure and communication structure that is critical to run a modern hospital.

For more information on HP's Health initiatives, please visit: www.hp.com/go/socialinnovationhealth

HP Opens Doors to State-of-the-art Executive Briefing Center

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PALO ALTO, Calif., January 17, 2013 /3BL Media/ - HP today officially opened its new headquarters lobby and Executive Briefing Center, a 37,700-square-foot addition to its existing headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. 

The Executive Briefing Center provides an immersive experience across the breadth of HP’s innovative solutions, products and services. It helps HP customers around the world gain better knowledge of HP’s technological capabilities and displays the company’s commitment to its sustainability goals.

HP's Mandate: Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges

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By Michael_Thacker

What company is going to invest in low-carbon innovation if the incentives don't support the bottom line? This is a very common question, especially given the macroeconomic headwinds currently impacting businesses across the globe.

Sustainable Business Solutions from HP Labs

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By Michael_Thacker

The rise of "Big Data" has led to a greater strain on global resources and energy sources. As a leading provider of data storage solutions, HP believes it has a responsibility to reduce and mitigate the impact of increased energy usage. That's why HP Labs is pioneering net-zero energy data centers.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions in Interesting Places


By Michael_Thacker

From Silicon Valley to Eastern Europe and beyond, HP's diversification and economies of scale enable us to reach customers at all points across the globe. On January 8, HP Enterprise Services proved this point yet again!

The Enterprise Services Group signed a $27 million agreement with the National Centre for Health Information Systems (CSIOZ), a Polish Ministry of Health entity that is working to develop an e-health environment for the country.

Social Benefits on a Global Scale


This article was written by Tony Prophet, Senior Vice President Operations at Hewlett-Packard.

HP products are made around the world, from the Russia to Australia and from India to Brazil. We also have significant manufacturing operations in Asia, including China, Japan and Singapore. And yes . . . HP products are also made in the USA including Indianapolis and Houston.

Too Many People, Too Few Clinics: HP Says eHealth Centers Will “Dramatically Expand Access”


How can IT help tackle one of today’s toughest challenges – the fact that, in many parts of the developing world, there are too many people in need of medical care and too few clinics?


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