6 People Who Make Human Rights Their Everyday Mission

On the 70th annual Human Rights Day, HP celebrates our partners and heroes working to improve the lives of workers and their families around the world.

By Patrick Roger

HP Commits to Educate 100,000 Across Africa in the Next Three Years, Opens HP LIFE Center for Entrepreneurship in South Africa

Press Release
  • HP pledges to empower 100,000  learners across Africa in next three years through the HP Foundation’s HP LIFE (Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs) program
  • HP opens a tech-enabled HP LIFE Center in South Africa, aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs
  • Commitment supports HP’s goals to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, and to enroll a million HP LIFE users between 2016 and 2025 

Powering the Movement with Global Citizen to Change the World Through Education


Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” We couldn’t agree more. Quality education helps break the cycle of poverty. It promotes equality and empowerment, enables economic growth and prosperity, and helps create a more peaceful, sustainable society. The UN Sustainable Development Goals list inclusive, quality education and lifelong learning as one of the key drivers in helping achieve many of the 17 Global Goals. Powerful indeed.    

Using Technology to Fight Maternal Mortality Worldwide

HP and the WONDER Project are working together to make childbirth safer for women everywhere.

At the Thanthai Periyar Government Headquarters Hospital in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, 40 women may be in labor at any given time with a single doctor on a 24-hour shift attending to all of the patients. The ward is packed and hectic. The doctor is tired and working under immense pressure. Lives are on the line.

How can one doctor keep track of every soon-to-be mother, detect any dangerous change in vital signs, and intervene quickly to prevent complications— or worse, death?

HP Sources More Than 550,000 Pounds of Ocean-Bound Plastic for New Cartridges

By Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer

Imagine the size of an adult humpback whale. Now imagine the whale relative to an empty plastic water bottle. No comparison, right? In fact, it would take about 12 million empty plastic bottles (that’s nearly one bottle per every person in the state of Ohio) to balance the scale against just seven adult humpback whales.

Educating a Generation of Syrian Children

A powerful partnership with HP, the Clooney Foundation for Justice, UNICEF, and Google.org is finding ways to ignite learning and inspire kids who fled Lebanon

Watch the film here

Every day begins the same for Marah, a 12-year-old girl living in Beirut. “At 8 o'clock, I have my breakfast. I spend some time with my family, while they are having their coffee. Then I prepare myself for school and I prepare my bag,” she says.

It’s a daily schedule typical by school children the world over, and yet to Marah it feels more like a privilege.

Life, interrupted

12 Tales of Empowerment to Celebrate International Day of the Girl

From ballerinas in Texas to soccer players in Uganda, HP and Girl Rising unveil the winners of the first ever Creative Challenge.

By Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker 

"There is no action that is too small that can't grow into something bigger."

HP and Girl Rising Celebrate International Day of the Girl with 12 Stories of Empowerment from Around the Globe

Announces results of Creative Challenge that highlight inspiring stories of overcoming discrimination and poverty, and fighting for access to education and free speech
Press Release

News Highlights

How Future Tech is Helping Elephants

Scientists and conservationists are using AI, VR and image-based data to protect the endangered species.

There’s no arguing with the majesty of elephants. These intelligent, complex and emotional beasts have come to symbolize wildlife conservation efforts around the globe. Across the African continent, they are under threat from encroaching human settlements and continued poaching — in the summer of 2018, an aerial survey in Botswana found 87 elephants had been killed and their tusks cut off for their ivory, the biggest slaughter in recent years.

Spinning Straw into (Packaging) Gold in China

By recycling leftover straw from wheat harvests to make shipping pallets, HP is helping halt deforestation, reduce air pollution and create new jobs for farmers.

After the wheat is harvested in farming communities in parts of rural China, the air is often so thick with smoke that roads become impassable and it’s hard to breathe. Farmers, inundated with leftover straw, typically torch the excess crop to dispose of it.

In these pyres of burning straw, HP saw an opportunity, thanks to an innovative program that collects and recycles it into pressed shipping pallets that protect printers and PCs as they are sent around Asia.


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