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The New York Parent Bringing Laptops and Other Resources Directly to Students

Community organizer Tanesha Grant connects students and their families with the technology and tools they need to learn and the resources they need to thrive.

By Sarah Murry and Bellamy Richardson

If there’s one thought that keeps Harlem-based community organizer Tanesha Grant running at full speed, it’s that nearly two years into the pandemic not only do students in New York City’s public school system need help — their parents do too.

Exclusive: Dr. Jane Goodall Needs Your Help on Her Most Crucial Mission Yet

The ethologist and conservationist turns her passion and voice to Trees for Jane, a grassroots effort to plant and protect one of Earth’s most precious resources.

By Angela Matusik

When Dr. Jane Gooddall was a little girl growing up in Bournemouth, England, one of her best friends was a beech tree in her yard that she would climb, read stories to, and share secrets with. It was from its branches that she first dreamed of living in the forest. After dedicating her life to studying and protecting endangered animals around the world, the 87-year-old primatologist is now using her voice and platform to protect, preserve, and nurture that early love of hers—trees.

HP Inc. Expands Forest Conservation Partnership With World Wildlife Fund

by Patrick Moorhead

As a tech analyst, I like to cover a wide range of topics, from hard news (new products, services, financials), to the softer content, such as business strategy, company culture and corporate social responsibility programs. It should be no surprise that those tech companies that shine in the latter areas also tend to be the most successful after the markets close on earnings day.   

HBCUs and Tech Leaders are Joining Forces to Increase Tech Opportunities for Black Students

Words by Megan Amrich

Black Americans make up 12 percent of the total U.S. population yet hold only 7 percent of tech industry jobs. The numbers in higher-level roles are even more staggering: Four percent of tech managers and less than 2 percent of C-suite tech executives are Black, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Techquity: Unlocking Economic Opportunity By Removing The Digital Divide

by Shelley Zalis

Between last December and March 2021, there was a steady decline in the unemployment rate for white workers, from 6% in December to 5.4% in March. While Black men saw their rate drop moderately from 9.9% to 9.6%, Black women actually experienced an increase in unemployment from 8.4% in December to 8.7% in March. 

HP Inc.'s Commitment to Gender Parity, Driving DE&I

Written by Buffy Naylor

In May, HP Inc. announced a series of goals intended to drive a more diverse, equitable and inclusive technology industry. This included a pledge to achieve gender parity in leadership by 2030.

The announcement came as part of HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy. The strategy focuses on creating a positive, lasting impact on the planet, HP’s people and the communities where they live, work and do business.

Plant-Powered Packaging Protects Products and the Planet


If you’ve picked up a carton of eggs at the supermarket or plucked your new cell phone from its box, you’re familiar with molded fiber packaging.

What's Good For the Ocean May Also Be Good For Business

By Tatiana Schlossberg

Marty Odlin, who grew up and lives on the Maine coast, remembers what the ocean used to be like. But now, he said, “It’s like a desert and just within my lifetime.” In the last few years, he said, he has seen lots of sea grass and many other species virtually disappear from the shoreline.

Odlin, 39, comes from a fishing family and has a passion for the history of the ocean and the coast, both of which have informed his sense of the ocean’s decline, a small part of the catastrophic deletion of marine life over the last several hundred years.

On the Job: A Chat With HP's New Chief Information Officer, Ron Guerrier

Why the company’s commitment to racial, social, and environmental justice was key to him joining.

By Leigh-Ann Jackson

Over the past 20 years, Ron Guerrier has served as Chief Information Officer for multiple Fortune 500 firms, as well as the State of Illinois. No matter the post, he’s been driven by a desire to promote equality in the tech field and beyond. In September, the Chicago-based innovator stepped into the CIO role at HP, with the goal of building out its IT organization and overseeing company-wide digitization. But he’s also eager to further the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Macrotrends and More: HP's Leaders on Asia's Future

A discussion with four of HP’s managing directors about the region’s megacities, sustainability, and the challenges and opportunities of the next decade.

Asia is already the continent with the largest GDP and population, concentrated in various megacities. The port of Shanghai, the financial might of Tokyo, and the service sector of Delhi are helping drive the world economy in the 21st century. These urban zones are promising beacons, but also face incredible challenges.


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