HPE's Approach to the Circular Economy

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Designing out waste and maximizing the value of resources throughout the product lifecycle is key to our Circular Economy approach at HPE.

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IT Efficiency: Savings Without Sacrifice

  • Big data is exponentially increasing the demand on computability
  • Efficient technology such as Gen10 drives computability, cost savings & sustainability
  • HPE offers certifiably & world recognized efficient technology solutions

The Circular Economy: HPE Upcycling for the Bottom Line

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This year, the amount of worldwide e-waste is expected to be about 50 million tons. The world’s growing demand to gather and compute enormous amounts of data will continue to consume energy and materials at unprecedented rates, so this amount is likely to rise. At HPE, it’s a business imperative to create a Circular Economy that eliminates waste – and saves IT departments money.

“Matter to a Million” Global Giving Partnership Celebrates Five Years, $21M in Loans

by Megan Amrich

Imagine turning a $25 loan into more than $21 million, impacting more than 1 million people globally, in just five years. No, this isn’t the latest Shark Tank pitch. It is the outcome of Hewlett Packard Company’s Matter to a Million employee-engagement program.

Circular Economy Helps IT Build Toward Sustainability


By David Chernicoff, Contributing Writer

Applying the circular economy method is likely the right choice for your business—assuming you want to save money and help the planet. It involves developing IT consumption processes that reflect on corporate ethics and responsibility and enable a more sustainable business environment.

HPE Wins Two Asia-Pacific Global Citizenship Awards

  • HPE global citizenship recognized with two corporate sustainability awards in Taiwan
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Christopher Wellise, recognized for professional leadership

Hungry for Solutions: HPE and the World Economic Forum Tackle Today’s — and Tomorrow’s — Food Challenges

CTO Mark Potter explores our first Tech Impact 2030 challenge — to help solve world hunger by 2030
  • In collaboration with Purdue University, HPE is blending research, innovations and disruptive technologies to produce food, fuel and fiber more effectively than ever before
  • HPE and the World Economic Forum announced Tech Impact 2030, an initiative focused on bringing together technology, industry and government to power meaningful change by the year 2030

What If We Could Solve World Hunger?

CEO Antonio Neri shares how HPE and the World Economic Forum are convening global leaders to help solve for world hunger by 2030
  • In partnership with the World Economic Forum, HPE launches a new open collaboration focused on bringing together the brightest minds in technology, industry and government to power meaningful societal change by the year 2030
  • Tech Impact 2030 will focus on tackling key societal challenges facing global populations — starting with helping to solve world hunger by 2030

What if…”

HPE Ranked Among the World's Most Sustainable Companies

  • HPE global citizenship recognized by leading investor rating
  • This is the seventh consecutive year that HPE has been included
  • HPE ranked second out of all companies in the Technology Hardware & Equipment industry on the World Index and number one in North America


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