Know Your Impact (it’s really not that difficult to do…)

Versaic CEO Burt Cummings has a few thoughts for companies who don’t want to know the impact of their philanthropy and sponsorship programs.

An acquaintance at a party asked me what my company did and I responded that many of our solutions help companies evaluate, manage, and measure the impact of their philanthropic and sponsorship programs.  He asked what I meant by impact and I used the  example of a company donating to a hunger relief organization.  To assess impact, the company  might want to get information on how many families the organization was able to feed with their donation.

DC Innovators Host Inaugural MLK Pro Bono Dream Lab

Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C., Janaury 20, 2014 /3BL Media/ – On January 20, 2014, during the annual MLK Day of Service, the MLK Pro Bono Dream Lab will convene nonprofit organizations and community members in Washington, DC to continue advancing Dr. King's dream.  Organized by DC Social Innovation Project, IMPACT, and Taproot Foundation DC, the MLK Pro Bono Dream Lab will bring together skilled volunteers, community members, and local organizations for a day of impact through pro bono service.

Amway Universal Children’s Day Creates a World of Impact

On November 20, more than 15,000 people in 57 countries helped 100,000 children
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ADA, Mich., December 9 2013 /3BL Media/ – During the span of 24 hours on November 20, more than 15,000 Amway business owners and employees mobilized to serve children’s causes in their communities. In 57 countries, together they volunteered 35,425 service hours through 304 projects benefitting more than 100,000 children.

The AMWAY ONE BY ONE® Campaign for Children Universal Children's Day was the culmination of activities celebrating the Campaign's 10th anniversary.

Could I? Should I? Overcoming Ambivalence in Career Choices

Scenario workshops help women in science set career goals and confront gender bias

In a recent study, researchers at Yale University demonstrated that both male and female faculty staff valued men more than women. When asked to judge applicants for a job as lab manager, female and male professors rated male applicants more highly than identically qualified females, and offered the men a significantly higher salary plus additional mentoring support.

Amway Made a World of Impact on November 20

Over 55 countries engage in over 100 projects

We did it!

Starting at midnight on Wednesday, November 20, the Amway Universal Children’s Day came to life. Amway business owners and employees in more than 55 countries participated in volunteering, giving and advocacy with local partners.

We tracked over 100 projects, and are certain that there were many more that we may never know about. They started in Australia, moved around the world, passed through our headquarters in Ada, Michigan, and ended at our Nutrilite offices in Buena Park, California.

Showing an Impact: PULSE Annual Impact Report


Sometimes when I talk to people  about my work at GSK leading the PULSE Volunteer Partnership, I am met with a bit of skepticism: "Is this just a PR thing?  Why else would GSK send up to 100 of its best and brightest professionals each year to work full-time for up to 6 months with different non-profit organizations that are in need of specific expertise that these GSK professionals can offer?"  

World of Impact MAP.... November 20 is Amway Universal Children's Day

Multimedia with summary

Amway One by One

This week is what we’ve been planning for all year!

The Amway Universal Childen’s Day will take place on Wednesday, November 20 … although it has already begun in some countries that are extending their activities acoss an entire week.

Click on the map for a quick glance of the kinds of activities that will be taking place.

Major Private Sector Commitment to Pro Bono is a Landmark Win for the Movement

Deloitte joins with Taproot Foundation to celebrate Pro Bono Week 2013
Press Release

October 16, 2015 /3BL Media/  - Taproot Foundation, a nonprofit connecting business professionals in pro bono service to organizations working towards social good, and Deloitte, a leading professional services organization, are joining forces once again to drive the pro bono marketplace forward. Deloitte recently announced an expanded commitment to providing $110 million in pro bono services to nonprofits by 2015, and has signed on with Taproot as a sponsor of Pro Bono Week 2013 to help inspire others to follow suit.


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