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Shifting Mindsets to ESG Approaches in Business


Resilient businesses keep track of relevant global trends, and companies have long understood how to manage risks associated with those trends. More recently, they are learning about the distinction between risks and impacts, and are getting better at articulating and quantifying both. The right frameworks and specific metrics for reporting on sustainability and ESG efforts are critically important but are not the full picture. One major aspect may be missing in truly achieving sustainable results and becoming a leader in this space: a shifting mindset.

Climate Change and Biodiversity: What Your Business Should Know


In the past, companies have seen environmental concerns and business goals as two distinct issues—at best unrelated to one another, at worst in opposition.

However, it’s increasingly clear that businesses can pursue both at the same time. Seeking to improve and preserve the environment can directly improve the bottom line.

To illustrate the point, let’s zero in on a particular environmental concern: biodiversity. We’ll explore what the term means, why it’s important, and what it has to do with business.

What Is Biodiversity?

Drones in EHS Remediation: Combining Technology and Human Expertise


Drone technology has (forgive the pun) taken off in the last decade. These now-ubiquitous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being used by industries across the spectrum from entertainment to archaeology.

The Accelerating Transition to Renewable Energy in Asia

EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC)

Many years from now, people will look back on the 2020s as a pivotal decade in human history. A global transformation is currently taking place in the way that our homes, transport systems, businesses, and industries are powered – a decade of renewable energy transition. Although the development of renewable energy infrastructure is nothing new, the last few years have seen a massive acceleration in the transition away from fossil fuels.

Why (and How) You Should Act on Product Sustainability


The global community is more climate-conscious than ever before. News about “forever chemicals” and the Pacific garbage patch has helped to create stark awareness of the long-lasting environmental impact of durable goods and product packaging.

Air Quality: How Clean Is the Air You Are Breathing?


Delta-Simons’ Senior Air Quality Consultant, Siobhan Goodman, provides an in-depth insight into the detriment of poor air quality, what to consider when acquiring property and reveals why air quality should be at the top of your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

Anew Global Consulting in China Joins Inogen Alliance

Press Release

May 19, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Inogen Alliance is pleased to announce the addition of a new Associate company, Anew Global Consulting in China. This allows us to continue to provide strong EHS and Sustainability support in China to our multinational clients with their offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and in North America in California. In choosing new Associate companies to join the Alliance we have a thorough due diligence process to ensure alignment in values, services, and complimentary coverage with our existing companies.

Global Thought Leaders Documentary Series: Featuring Inogen Alliance

Multimedia with summary

Global Thought Leaders is a ground-breaking series of documentary films produced by TBD Media Group and hosted on Gulf News and CBS News. Our systems – from healthcare and financial services, to energy and education – are more exposed than ever amidst a global backdrop of concern for lives, livelihoods and the very planet itself. 50 Leaders are showcased sharing their various plans to change these systems for the better. This campaign celebrates the excellence in innovation, examining the dynamic and resilient business practices these companies are putting forth.

The Road to a Sustainable Future: A Documentary

Multimedia with summary

Inogen Alliance is excited to share the launch of our short documentary on CBS and Gulf News Global Thought Leaders campaigns! The film focuses on how Inogen Alliance helps multinational clients on the road to a more sustainable future with topics including carbon footprinting and water stewardship. Check out the full film on the Inogen Alliance site and the news sites.
Campaign page:

How Sustainability Risks Change Along the Sustainability Journey


The famous author and researcher, Bob Willard, identified five distinct stages of corporate sustainability. These stages are pre-compliance, compliance, “beyond compliance”, integrated strategy, and purpose/passion. Each stage represents a unique type of business culture around sustainability in your organization. Beyond the cultural aspects, the risks involved at each stage change too.


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