ITV Announces New Social Purpose Targets, and Creates Award-winning Campaigns


August 1, 2019 - ITV has developed a new Social Purpose strategy and set ambitious targets to drive meaningful change, which are published in our report released this week.  With the massive reach of our platforms, much-loved shows and creative talent we have an ability to shape culture for good. We have identified four priorities where we want to make significant difference, externally and internally. These are: championing better mental and physical health for all; fostering creativity by embracing diversity; reducing our impact on the environment; and giving back. 

ITV Recognised as Top Community Investor

ITV win the inaugural GivX Community Value Award

Leading a cohort of 25 companies who are pioneering best practice in Corporate Social Responsibility, ITV was crowned the inaugural top contributor in the GivX Community Value Award (the GivX Awards) on 12 October this year.

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