Jim Fitterling

Dow Thanks All Frontline Employees and Workers

"Amid COVID-19 uncertainty, our frontline responders make me certain we will persevere. We owe them our gratitude and all the support we can." Jim Fitterling, CEO

Meeting critical needs

These are extraordinary times. This crisis has shattered so many hearts around the world, and our thoughts and prayers are with those victims.

We have a responsibility to support the people and supply chains that are vital to containing COVID-19 and maintaining our collective well-being. We’re especially indebted to the heroes who are risking their lives to treat the sick.

Dow's Industry in the Time of Coronavirus

Amid COVID-19, as industry leaders we must remember our long-term commitments to ALL our stakeholders.

I continue to be inspired by those on the frontline – the first responders, everyone on Team Dow and all our partners – who continue to keep us safe, keep us informed, and keep us moving forward through this COVID-19 crisis. I applaud you.

I also want to share a heartfelt thank you to my colleagues in our industry.

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