Refusing Limits in Digital Design

By Brianne McClure, Brand Storyteller

Gidget Heintz has been advancing test and measurement technologies for more than 25 years. Now, she's embarking on her most exciting adventure yet. 

She has spent her career chasing seemingly intractable digital design challenges that present opportunities to learn and collaborate with her peers. In the process, Gidget has taken on various roles at Keysight. She always seems to come back to the research and development lab, though, where she thrives as a hardware and gateware designer for test and measurement solutions. 

Get Ready for More 5G Products Changing Our Lives for the Better

By Xiang Li | Marketing Engineer

Mobile operators around the world are accelerating their pace to deploy 5G networks. Mobile device manufacturers are making 5G accessibility a default feature in their new products. 5G mobile users are experiencing faster connections. Does it mean that the 5G era is truly here? Is 5G changing your life right now as many companies have claimed?  

Supercharge Your Battery-Powered IoT Devices

By Janet Ooi | IoT Industry and Solutions Marketing

IoT Devices Today: More Electronics, More Sensors, More Efficiency

Is Now the Right Time to Refresh Your EE Teaching Lab?

By Dr. Doug Baney, Corporate Director of Education

A professor asked me the other day why he should refresh his undergraduate electrical teaching laboratory. My immediate thought was, why not? Electrical engineering, after all, is at the heart of just about every technology revolution, including autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, and energy, and labs are critical to exposing students to the tools needed to enable future innovations.

All Charged up Over EVs

By Hwee Yng Yeo

Earlier this year, Tesla announced it will start selling the Tesla Model 3 in Singapore. This is probably welcome news for electric vehicle (EV) afficionados in this tiny island country, which is famous for its chili crabs and infamous* cost of car ownership.

How Engineers Are Investing in Their Professional Development

by Marie Hattar | Chief Marketing Officer

It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since a large swath of the business world began working remotely, and many of us transitioned to doing just about everything from home. At times it has felt like the longest year, but it also seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. We’ve learned that people are incredibly resilient, and we have seen this first-hand in our families and friends, our colleagues, our customers, and our businesses. It is truly inspiring.  

IoT and the Future of Transportation

By Cheryl Ajluni, IoT Solutions Lead - Keysight Technologies

Imagine a world where your car monitors your daily morning commute while safely parked in your driveway. On one particular morning, it detects a major collision along your intended route. Simultaneously, it checks your calendar and sees you have a critical meeting at 9:00 am with your most important client. Realizing you will miss your meeting if you wake at the normal time, your car alerts your smart watch to sound it’s alarm 30 minutes early. In just the blink of an eye, a potentially significant business disaster has been averted.

The Power of IoT in the New Normal

By Janet Ooi, IoT Industry Solutions and Marketing

The world was not prepared for the pandemic. Never before has the entire world experienced such strange times. Working and studying from home has now become the new norm. The world is desperate to find a cure for this pandemic. Scientists are working hard to find the best treatment options, while “scientist-wannabes” are coming up with a variety of hoax measures to treat the global pandemic— everything from sesame oil, vinegar gargles, and sheep's head soup to garlic water. You name it.

Smart Field Tests for Smarter Airports

By Sarah Gross, Product Marketing Engineer - FieldFox

Air travel will get a facelift in the near future thanks to modern technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. Smart airports will improve passengers’ travel experiences and make operations more efficient. Improvements include almost-instant ticket issuance, automated security through facial recognition, upgraded services via robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced logistics. 

Enabling a More Sustainable Future Through e-Mobility Ecosystem Requires an Automotive Engineering Paradigm Shift

Michele Robinson-Pontbriand, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

These are exciting times in the automotive engineering community and environmental sustainability space! Countries around the world are fueling the momentum for a cleaner future through incentives for consumers to adopt hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). These and other high-level global initiatives expected to release over the next two decades are driving the e-mobility revolution faster than expected, and raising hopes of related positive environmental impact sooner.


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