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Kohler India Team Navigates a Sustainability Roadblock by Rethinking Everything

Our Jhagadia, India, plant now uses 1/6th the amount of water used at other Kohler faucet plants.

How do you reuse water sustainably? You use it to water the grass, of course. Well, not always, as our faucets team in India found out.

Plating faucets (meaning, adding the finish to them) requires a lot of rinsing to wash away impurities that affect quality. Much of this water can be treated and then reused, but some cannot. The agents used to treat the parts contain salts that are too fine to be removed.

Now you wouldn’t want to dump salt-ridden water on grass, right?

Beijing Agencies Name Kohler Plant's Boiler Room a 'Benchmark' for Safety and Sustainability

Kohler replaces last two coal-fired boilers with gas ones, continuing its corporate environmental strategy

China’s capital city is on an air-quality mission. And one way to begin to mend the heavy haze and smog that plagues its environment is replacing the unknown (but most likely large) number of coal-fired boilers still burning.

In 2013, our faucets plant in Beijing did indeed have two coal-fired boilers, but devised a plan to convert them to gas.

Kohler Co. Associates Help Special Needs Organization with Musical Prep

Sales team adds local giveback activity to its annual business meeting.

Setting the Stage for Stewardship

When Kohler Power Systems associates from throughout the U.S. gathered for their 2015 sales kickoff meeting, they were challenged to tap into their creative side.

1,000 Days Injury Free: Kohler Safety Milestones Deserve a Shout-Out

Kohler Co. Arkansas Plant Uses Teamwork to Stay Safe

A Track Record of Safety Deserves a Shout-Out

Our faucets team in Sheridan, Arkansas, knows the benefit of “safety first.” Together, they reached an impressive 1,000 straight days without a DART, or “Days Away, Restricted or Transferred” due to injury.  

How did they do it? Led by an associate safety committee, the milestone was a collaboration of safety audit teams, ergonomic equipment and preventative hazard reporting.


Kohler Co. to Design Next-Generation, Closed-Loop Flush Toilet System for Field Testing

Press Release

November 21, 2014 /3BL Media/ - For more than two years, Kohler Co., global leader in kitchen and bath design and technology, has collaborated with Caltech in the development of a photovoltaic toilet as part of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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