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Detecting Hardware Trojans with Machine Learning

By Anna McCowan, Software Marketing Engineer

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything – from smart devices to smart infrastructure. Unfortunately, along with it comes the threat of malware and cybersecurity attacks. Because IoT devices can contain components from multiple sources, their hardware and software can include security schemes that range from very sophisticated to nonexistent. Detecting malicious circuitry – or hardware Trojans – becomes more difficult as the number of electronic components increases.

The Role of Design, Test & Security in Today's Healthcare Advancements

By Michele Robinson-Pontbriand | Director Corporate Social Responsibility

Technology has always played a critical role in the healthcare industry. However, recent advancements are driving a revolution in capabilities and opportunities to improve the health and wellness of people around the world. And at a time when such advancements are sorely needed, I might add.

A Deep Dive into Machine Learning


Posted from Moody's 2017 CSR Report

As part of the Enabling Technologies Initiative at Moody’s Investors Service (MIS) and in partnership with Moody’s Information Technology (MIT), last year six of our employees attended a monthlong program at Google’s Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab in Mountain View, California. 

Machine Learning Tips From Booz Allen: Minimizing Pitfalls, Maximizing Performance


Optimizing energy usage in power plants and data centers. Detecting fraud and other criminal activity in near-real time. Adding speed and accuracy to image scanning for health care diagnoses. 

WashingtonExec Recognizes Susan Penfield, Booz Allen for Innovation in Government


What do GPS, closed captioning, smartphones, and supercomputers have in common? They’re some of the many technology innovations that the federal government has helped make possible. One of the leaders driving tech innovation in government today is Booz Allen Chief Innovation Officer Susan Penfield, named among this year’s WashingtonExec Top 25 Executives to Watch.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming how Companies Manage EHS

By Margery Moore

I have worked within the environment, health and safety (EHS) field for more than 20 years, and in that time, I’ve seen some dramatic changes in how companies manage their programs, and data. But nothing compares to the technological innovations that are now upon us.

How Machines Are Learning for Modern Agriculture

Machine learning applications in farming today

Arthur Samuel, an eccentric computer engineer at Stanford University, took part in what could be considered the most important game of checkers ever played. Arthur challenged the then reigning Connecticut state champion to match wits with a computer he programmed to play checkers.a

The machine emerged victorious.

Booz Allen Hamilton Named Consulting Partner of the Year by Americas 2017 NVIDIA Partner Network


Booz Allen Hamilton has been honored with the Americas 2017 NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Consulting Partner of the Year Award. The award, which recognizes the firm for its contributions in helping expand NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in North America, was presented this week at the 2018 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, California.

From Protecting Critical Infrastructure to Streamlining IT Systems: How Booz Allen Interns Apply Machine Learning to Solve Tough Problems


The steam engine. The airplane. The microprocessor. Now, machine intelligence—machines’ ability to perceive, interpret, and take action based on data—represents the next transformative technology for society. We’re already seeing its awe-inspiring effects: from trucks that drive themselves, to computer programs that develop drug therapies, to software that writes news articles and composes music.


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