When OSHA Visits, Part 2

Part of Antea Group's Guide for New Plant Safety Managers

On Monday, we took a closer look at the first few steps of an on-site OSHA visit, including the opening conference and records review.

Inside the Hardest Job Application Process in the World

This week on Game Plan, four campaign managers on what it's like to apply for the job of president of the United States of America

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You spend more time at your job than anywhere else. Hosts Rebecca Greenfield and Sam Grobart take a close look at the way we live our lives at work—our frustrations, dilemmas, habits, and anything else that happens in the office. 

Bloomberg's Erika Irish Brown: Asking Ourselves How to Develop Women of Color in the Workplace


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At the end of June, Bloomberg had the privilege of hosting the Council of Urban Professionals’ first Chief Diversity Officer Roundtable. I think all would agree it was a great success, but like so many forums that address issues of critical importance there was so much ground to cover and so little time. 

Growing Up Green: Rob Threlkeld’s Route to Manager of Renewable Energy

You could say Rob Threkeld's path to managing GM's global renewable energy strategy began with a love for pancakes.

When Rob Threlkeld was in second grade, he learned that acid rain affected the production of maple syrup.

As a kid without a fully developed worldview, this stuck with Rob because he loved pancakes.

Years later, he’s one of the few within General Motors who knew exactly what he wanted to do from a young age.

“That discussion about the impact on something simple like a breakfast topping really impacted me as a young kid,” said Rob. “It blossomed into something more when Mrs. O’Neal taught us about global warming in the 5thgrade.”

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