Deployed in Iraq, Medtronic Employee Writes Special Message Home

As a result, Medtronic receives highest U.S. honor for support of Guard and Reserve employees.

On a sweltering night in the Iraqi desert, from a combat zone location he’s not allowed to divulge or describe, Captain Ruben Hidalgo wrote a long email home. Not to his sister this time. Or his mother. This time he wrote to the United States Department of Defense (D.O.D.).

“I wanted to say thank you to Medtronic and to all of my co-workers for everything they do to support me,” Hidalgo said, speaking on a scratchy, 1:00 a.m. Zoom call from Iraq. “And I wanted to do it in the most impactful way possible.”

Medtronic Named One of the World's Best Workplaces for Innovators

Fast Company designation recognizes ‘cultures of innovation.’

Fast Company today named Medtronic as one of the world’s best workplaces for innovators, ranking the company #51 on its worldwide list.

“Our commitment is to be the most innovative company in healthcare, and we need the best people to do that,” said Medtronic CEO Geoff Martha. “The best people want to work for a company which stands for something. More than ever, people see this in Medtronic, and we’re proud to be recognized as a company that helps innovators thrive.”

Optimizing Product Stewardship From All Angles

Propelled by our employee’s foresight and energy, we relentlessly pursue solutions to sustainability challenges.

The baseline for sustainable business practices is ever rising. Governments around the world continue to update safety and sustainability regulations, but they can’t keep up with people’s expectations. This movement — this call to do better — is being led from the ground up. Organizations must elevate their standards for sustainable business practices, exceeding what is needed today for a better tomorrow.

Empowering Change Through Diversity Networks & ERGs

Diversity Networks and employee resource groups (ERGs) foster belonging for employees and support initiatives for a more inclusive Medtronic.

Diversity Networks and ERGs often begin as platform for inclusion — to create space for employees to connect based on shared identities. But at Medtronic, our Diversity Networks and ERGs do even more. They help role-model inclusion and diversity and, through unique partnerships and volunteer efforts, help amplify our impact in communities.

Diversity Networks Make a Difference

Community Partnerships Pave the Path to Equity

The time to simply “address” racial and ethnic inequities has passed. Today, we partner to actively break down systemic inequities.

Deep-seated inequities affect millions of people every day. The problem is bigger than any one person, company, or movement can tackle alone. Nevertheless, our Mission motivates us to do our part to do more — to amplify our impact beyond the walls of our business and to create meaningful change.

A Network of Opportunity in Supply Chain Diversity

Driving economic opportunity through supply chain diversity

Think about the device you’re using to read this article. You know from whom you bought it, but who made the components? Who fabricated the screen? And what can supply chain decisions do to advance the people and communities that helped create the device?

Pathways to Equity and Diverse New Ideas

A Force for Community Engagement

How our employees' skills and passions create lasting change through community engagement.

Our world and our expectations have dramatically changed over the past two years. Both COVID-19 and ongoing social-justice issues forced many of us to reconsider what's important and meaningful in our lives — our relationship with businesses and employers is no exception.

Consumers and employees alike increasingly expect more from businesses. People expect the organization and corporate leaders for whom and with whom they work to be purpose-led and to reflect their values. At the front of that charge are those who straddle the line between CEO and consumer — employees.

Extending Healthcare Technology

Innovative technology can greatly improve clinical and economic outcomes — and make a significant impact on healthcare access.

Every year, noncommunicable conditions like cardiovascular disease and stroke are among the top 10 causes of death in the United States. The resources to address these systemic health issues, however, lie behind fragmented geographic, racial, and socioeconomic lines — which have only been deepened by the pandemic. Transforming care beyond the doctor’s office is key to transforming care at scale.

Putting Health Knowledge to Work

Education and advocacy, the untapped multipliers that turn cutting-edge health knowledge and technology into better outcomes for all

It has been estimated that healthcare knowledge doubles every 70 days. With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, that pace will quicken. The result? Universal education gaps that could tie community health outcomes to how well a region can keep up.


Closing the Knowledge Gap

A Culture of Belonging That Drives Innovation

How inclusion, diversity, and equity at Medtronic fuel new thinking, more creativity, and better decision-making.

A company's success is determined by its people. Creating a culture where everyone feels welcome is a start, but our goal — a true sense of belonging — is much more profound. When our people feel like they are accepted, safe, and valued, they contribute more fully and with more heart in the game. Innovation comes from free sharing and ideating over new approaches and different perspectives. At Medtronic, our culture of belonging empowers employees to bring their full selves and ideas to the table.


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