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Holiday PSA: How to Thank Someone Best? Just Text!

New research shows that a thank you text message could be an act of gratitude that’s as effective and impactful as anything — so put your device to work this holiday season!

The season of giving — and giving thanks — is upon us. We all have that running list in our head of people to thank, but if we’re being honest, year to year we often come up short. And to nod to that age-old axiom, our best intentions could pave a road classic rock stalwarts AC/DC could wrap a devilish chorus around.

But what was holding us back from putting our best foot forward when it comes to saying thanks in a meaningful way may have all along simply been procedural.

Prove Your Purpose: It's Officially NO-vember


Burnout rates have been skyrocketing since the beginning of the pandemic for everyone, but especially for women. Indeed, 70 percent of female employees have said they have experienced burnout in their jobs.

ViacomCBS Is Prioritizing Mental Health


In the U.S., suicide rates are the highest they’ve been since World War II, yet mental health is still often misunderstood and stigmatized. Events in 2020 brought this concern to the forefront for our viewers.

ViacomCBS has a commitment to mental health stretching back a decade and a half. Building on our long legacy, MTV Entertainment Group has recently launched Mental Health is Health, an initiative seeking to harness the power of storytelling to destigmatize mental health and drive behavioral and cultural change that normalizes mental health conversations and inspires action.

Brands Give Employees Time Off to Focus on Mental Health


A study found that 77 percent of professionals have experienced employee burnout at their current job. This will come as no surprise given the gauntlet of crises individuals have had to face over the past 19 months – yet continue to show up for work each day.

An Emerging and Growing Workplace Issue: Psychosocial Risks


People are the heart of any organization, and ensuring their psychological well-being is a critical part of managing the overall occupational health of the organization’s human capital. Psychosocial workplace issues, broadly referred to as “stress” have been present in the workplace for as long as there have been workers. However, the past 18 months and the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated some of the usual issues.

Pro Bono Perspectives S3E15: Dr. Stephanie Royal, The Robin Hood Foundation

Leadership in Times of Crisis & Recovery with Robin Hood
Multimedia with summary

Dr. Stephanie Royal, Chief People Officer at The Robin Hood Foundation, New York City’s largest poverty fighting organization, talks about community-driven philanthropy, leading with compassion, and how the K-shaped recovery from COVID-19 is further disadvantaging under-resourced communities and the nonprofit sector. Hear Stephanie’s takes on nonprofit talent management in the COVID-19 era, including new challenges with employee retention, the importance of investing in staff, building a culture of DEI, and supporting mental health and wellness.

How the Science of Fractal Design Became Relaxing Screensavers


Nature’s beauty is profound. Yet it is often overlooked when building the environments in which we work and live. This is surprising given that some of the health and well-being problems we face today have been growing steadily through the years due to rapid globalization, urbanization, digitalization, social shifts and environmental imbalance. 

Pro Bono Perspectives S3E12: The Trevor Project &

Cutting-Edge Technology in Support of LGBTQ+ Youth with The Trevor Project &
Multimedia with summary

This Pride Month, we welcome Lena Ballantine, COO of The Trevor Project, which does life-saving work in mental health and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth, and Jen Carter, Head of Technology & Volunteering at and founder of the Fellowship Program, a pro bono program that matches Google employees with social impact organizations full-time for up to six months.

Northern Trust Included in Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index

Multimedia with summary

We’re delighted to have been included in the Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index 2020/21. We’re proud to continue supporting positive mental health of our employees across our business.

About Northern Trust

How Brands Activated for Mental Health Awareness Month


This week brings us to the tail end of Mental Health Awareness Month. This year, the observance is especially important as CDC studies found that 42 percent of Americans reported anxiety or depression symptoms due to the pandemic.


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