Sustainability as a Business Differentiator


By: Rose McKinney-James, Chair of the MGM Resorts Board of Directors’ Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Dec. 15, 2016

A growing number of corporate boards are pursuing sustainable business practices as a strategic objective. Research shows that companies with board-driven sustainability initiatives have a competitive advantage. For instance, a 2014 report released by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) found that companies that strategically reduced their carbon footprints had 21 percent stronger dividends than those that didn’t.

Remembering Our Veterans

By: Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International

I recently had the opportunity to visit the site in Maryland of the U.S. Civil War’s heaviest one-day battle. The Battle of Antietam was a turning point in so many ways for our, at the time, young nation. The visit was timely in the context of this election year, and the transfer of power that is now under way following this week’s election.

How MGM Resorts Started Its Own Healthcare Plan

It was an innovative approach – some may have called it a gamble – but the company's leadership team knew it would be worth it.
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With a workforce of 50,000 in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts saw a unique opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare for employees and their families as well as the entire population of Southern Nevada. The MGM Resorts Direct Care Healthcare Plan was designed to provide less costly access to their primary care physician while also improving wellness and overall health.

Wellness Works: One COO's Personal Journey with Fitness & Health

Corey Sanders, MGM Resorts International Chief Operating Officer, on his decision to lead a healthier lifestle
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By Corey Sanders, MGM Resorts International, Chief Operating Officer

Growing up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, my three brothers and I played endless sports.

Is MGM Resorts International Really Leaving the NV Energy Grid?

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Is MGM Resorts International really leaving the NV Energy grid? Our Chief Sustainability Officer, Cindy Ortega, discusses our latest decision to improve our renewable energy portfolio.

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MGMThink Video: Hockey's Take on Teamwork

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Ever wonder what makes a successful team? Michelle DiTondo, Senior VP of Human Resources for MGM Resorts International, discusses how good hockey teams show teamwork at its best.

Cindy Ortega: The Ranch's Influence in Her Journey to Sustainability

MGM Resorts International's Chief Sustainability Officer learned some valuable lessons about the importance of conservation while growing up on a ranch in Utah
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Chief Sustainability Officer Cindy Ortega discusses how her time on a ranch influences her view on sustainability.

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Homegrown Talent Makes a Great Recipe

Michelle DiTondo, SVP of Human Resources for MGM Resorts International, Discusses New Ways the Company Is Working to Fill the 1,000+ Jobs It Has Available at Any Given Time

By: Michelle DiTondo, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, MGM Resorts International

At any given time, MGM Resorts International may be hiring for over 1,000 positions, many requiring a combination of skills and experience that make them challenging to fill. Case in point: Finding managers and chefs for our bustling food and beverage business can be harder than making a perfect soufflé. In fact, Food & Beverage positions account for over 30 percent of our positions. 

Bliss Dance: A Message of Women Empowerment

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She is a breathtaking, 40-foot-tall sculpture at The Park, indeed, but also a powerful statement about female strength.


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