Military Family Appreciation Month

Northern Trust Celebrates Military Family Appreciation Month

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Our Military Appreciation and Assistance Resource Council (MAARC) recently celebrated Military Family Appreciation Month a

Don’t Hire a Veteran with Disabilities Because it Feels Good – Do it Because it’s Smart Business


Hiring military veterans with disabilities isn’t just feel-good altruism, it leads to strategic advantages. They’re determined, self-aware, goal-oriented, determined, and inclusive. Today’s veterans have led effective teams in ambiguous environments. They have managed large budgets, improvised around uncertainty and accomplished team objectives in lieu of personal ambitions.

Enter Eli Hinson, former Marine, and a wife and mother with two disabilities – dyslexia and deafness in her left ear.

Booz Allen Hamilton Celebrates Military Family Appreciation Month


November is National Military Family Appreciation Month, and Booz Allen Hamilton is marking this month with a renewed support of service members, military family members and veterans.

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