MilliporeSigma Future Talk Podcast Series: Making Packaging Sustainable

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Future Talk is an English language podcast series of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.* The podcast series brings curious minds from diverse fields together to discuss their personal visions for the future of science and technology.  

In episode eighteen of Future Talk, Fabien Thibault, global manager of product and packaging sustainability at MilliporeSigma, and Alan Phipps, vice president of sustainability consulting at Pure Strategies, discuss the environmental benefits of MilliporeSigma's SMASH Packaging program.

MilliporeSigma Partnership Spotlight: BioSTL


Since 2015, we have partnered with BioSTL, a nonprofit that advances St. Louis’ economic vitality by cultivating a strong bioscience and innovation ecosystem. We have helped local bioscience startups build their businesses, with MilliporeSigma employees serving as mentors to help startups solve problems. We are continuing to provide this support while strengthening science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and employment outcomes for underserved communities, particularly for women and people of color.

MilliporeSigma Science Will Tell Podcast Series: SMASH Packaging

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Science Will Tell is a podcast series in which we explore infinite solutions to sustainability and community impact from the Life Science Business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.*

Explore the exciting approach to redesigning and reengineering packaging options to ensure safe and timely delivery of products while working toward a decreased carbon footprint, zero deforestation, increased recyclability and supporting customers in meeting their sustainability goals on the SMASH Packaging episode. 

MilliporeSigma Partnership Spotlight: Chemistry on the Go


We are proud to partner with Tamkang University for its Chemistry on the Go program, which engages students in rural and under-resourced areas of Taiwan through hands-on science experiments. MilliporeSigma has equipped two mobile science lab vehicles. Our employees also provide guidance on experiment design, delivery and career connections to industry.

MilliporeSigma Honors Earth Day Today and Every Day

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MilliporeSigma believes taking a holistic approach to sustainability helps scientists take big steps toward smaller footprints. Learn more about our efforts here.

MilliporeSigma Partnership Spotlight: Seeding Labs


For more than 10 years, we have partnered with Seeding Labs, a global nonprofit organization that aims to empower every scientist to transform the world. Through our partnership, we are continuing to strengthen 45 global Instrumental Access science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) hubs in developing countries throughout Africa, South America and Asia. This will help to power research, hands-on scientific education and community-centered development through a company-wide equipment donation effort.

Driving Packaging Sustainability From the Start

Fabien Thibault, global manager, product and packaging sustainability at MilliporeSigma

Across industries, sustainability is becoming an increasing expectation. From reducing emissions to increasing recycling, both businesses and consumers are looking for ways in which they can reduce their environmental impact. But when it comes to products and packaging in the life science industry, developing sustainable solutions while meeting transit and safety regulation requirements is an ongoing challenge.

Now, imagine the complexity of executing this process for more than 300,000 products and 2.5 million SKUs along with associated packaging.

Making a Difference: One Company's Mission to Put Sustainability at the Heart of All It Does


In April 2019, the Life Science business of Merck* launched a four-year initiative that was aimed at improving its sustainability efforts when it came to packaging. For a global business shipping around 30,000 packages every day, the task was enormous. From reducing the overall amount of packaging it was using, maximising recycling, improving plastics sustainability and even targeting zero deforestation, the initiative was a statement of intent by the business to begin to understand its environmental impact – and do something about it.

MilliporeSigma Partnership Spotlight: Girlstart


Since 2015, we have partnered with Girlstart, the largest and longest-running community-based informal science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education nonprofit in the nation specifically dedicated to empowering and equipping girls in STEM through year-round educational programming. We have supported the organization’s national growth into Houston, Boston and St. Louis through funding the availability of summer camps and after-school programs.

It's Not Easy Being Green: How MilliporeSigma Is Taking Big Steps Toward Smaller Footprints

Jeffrey Whitford, head of sustainability & social business innovation and branding at MilliporeSigma

Being “green” has become the new expectation across many industries, with environmental and sustainability programs now an integral—and necessary—part of an organization’s overall business strategy. While a sustainability mindset is now expected, it’s not something that can be pulled out of a hat overnight. These programs require a comprehensive strategy, proof points to back up value, many iterations, and collaboration with suppliers, customers, partners and other stakeholders.


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