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What’s Behind the Headlines? Separating Health and Nutrition Facts from Fiction

By: Beth Winthrop

In today’s media-saturated world, information about health and nutrition is everywhere. But while we have access to more reliable information about nutrition than ever, there are also many scientifically questionable or even false claims presented as fact. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort out truths from falsehoods.

One such questionable source is the website “Is It Bad for You?”  This site publishes health and nutrition reviews of food products, restaurants and a variety of products and services.

Make it Easy: Solutions for Healthy Diets

By: Nebeyou Abebe

As the American diet has gotten more convenient, it has also gotten less healthy. The fast food, prepared food and easy-to-grab snacks that make up many of our meals have contributed to an obesity crisis and to the rise of chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Sodexo Names Ellie Krieger First Mindful by Sodexo Ambassador

Krieger to create four new signature recipes for Sodexo cafes
Press Release

GAITHERSBURG, Md. – June 23, 2015 /3BL Media/ –Sodexo announced a new partnership with Food Network host and cookbook author, Ellie Krieger today. As one of its famous culinary ambassadors, Krieger will contribute her personal expertise to Mindful by Sodexo, a program designed to make healthy lifestyle choices second nature.

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